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Monday, April 17, 2017

Twenty One thousand dollar deficit causes Franklin to pend $160,000 of inmate food funds

You must wonder what Sheriff Ana Franklin was thinking when she claimed she had a $21,000.00 shortage in the inmate food fund, yet she removes $160,000.00 to invest in the Title Marts.  If your account is already in a deficit how do you draw out an additional $160,000.00 dollars to invest in a Title Mart?  If you have a $21,000.00 deficit on inmate food funds you just exacerbated your deficit from 21K to $181,000.00.  Surely the sheriff wasn’t gambling with inmate food funds that don’t belong to her.

Surely a skilled law enforcement officer with an almost BS degree would have run a background check to ensure the company was solid before investing the money in the Title Marts hoping for a 45% percent return within 30 days.  In addition, Franklin invested the money on the 5th of June 2015.  The company filed for bankruptcy in March 2016. So, why did Franklin way until the bankruptcy came out to tell her story/stories of when, and why she took the money?

It is safe to say that very few of the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama will ever believe anything the sheriff says again.

The sheriff is facing the contempt decision right now.  In the future, the Sheriff will face the conditions of the jail, inmate’s health and well-being, nutritional issues with the inmates, and the medical issues and drug prescription prescribed to the inmates by their personal physician, and the prescriptions the sheriff’s office chose to allow the inmates to take.

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