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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Luv Guv and Big Luther

The Luv Guv and big Luther have a lot in common.  The Luv Guv has an affair, big Luther is accused of the same as-well-as bringing a love child into the world.  Both the Luv Guv and Big Luther luv Sheriff Ana Franklin.

We submitted ethics violations and Big Luther shot them down.  We hand delivered Huge packages of evidence to Big Luther, we submitted written ethics violations and Big Luther refused to address the complaints.  Why Big Luther? Why?  Because Big Luther also had a very close relationship to Sheriff Ana Franklin.  As a matter of fact, the relationship is so tight that she brags about having Big Luther wrapped around her little finger.  The Luv Guv appoints Big Luther into Session's position with plans to have an election in November.  November 2018 that is.  These people are a disgrace to the State of Alabama.

Why should we believe that the rumors that Sheriff Ana Franklin put out to anybody who would listen are true?  Sheriff Franklin when she was in town held Tuesday staff meetings.  During those meetings, Franklin briefed the complaints that had gone to Big Luther the State Attorney General.  She bragged that Big Luther was placing the files in file 13.  Franklin even joked about the complaints and bragged that she would never go to Jail in the State of Alabama, because of her contacts in high places. 

Drain the swamp.....  Why?  Big Luther ignored valid complaints against Sheriff Ana Franklin:

Ethical Violation 1) Hiring a criminal as a Corrections Officer, who lives in her home with her daughter, and grandchildren.
Ethical Violation 2) Hiring her oldest daughter as a clerk in the Sheriff's Office and paying her under the table.
Ethical Violation 3) Hiring her first cousin as contract labor in the jail

Ethical Violation 4) Hiring contract labor in the jail and paying them with Wal-Mart Gift Cards.

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