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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reason's not to trust Sheriff Ana Franklin and Greg Steenson

Both checks below were written and signed by Greg Steenson.  They are both made out to Ana Franklin.  Will the real Greg Steenson please stand up?  Did Ana have the authority to sign Greg Steenson’s name, since she invested in the company?  We know Alyssa signed checks for Greg Steenson.  We also know that Ana deposited the checks in the Peoples Bank in Cullman, Alabama.  

The handwritten signature above appears feminine as does the signature.  Did Alyssa or Ana write this check?

This check written by Greg Steenson was a campaign donation. There is a big difference in the penmanship of these two checks.


  1. How do you know that the check wasn't deposited at a People's Bank in Decatur? Just curious

  2. Because the check is stamped people's bank Cullman

  3. Something stinks bad..

  4. Mine says city and numbers identify the exact office. You need to try again and prove different it's black and white. Besides it's money paid to Ana case closed