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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Payback or Retaliation?

What happens if you are an inmate or family member that spoke to the representative from the Southern Center for Human Rights during their investigation of the Morgan County, Alabama Jail?

I can tell you what happened to one family Sheryl Brown and her son Kenny Brown.  Kenny has been in the Morgan County Jail for roughly two years.  He was charged with having marijuana leaves.  Kenny has lost approximately 80 lbs since his incarnation.  According to Ms. Brown, she and Kenny both spoke to representatives from the Southern Center for Human Rights.  Ms. Brown also accompanied me in attending Federal Court yesterday.

Since Kenny Brown has been placed in jail he has been underfed, kept in confinement, held in booking, and been sent to the infirmary.  While in these locations he is not allowed visitors or food from his food account Ms. Brown set up for Kenny to ensure he was getting enough food.  On multiple occasions, Ms. Browns has not been allowed to visit her son.  Today is no exception.  The Morgan County Sheriff placed Kenny in booking.  While in booking he is not allowed to have visitors or store privileges.

Ms. Brown called the infirmary this morning and was told that they are not the ones who had Kenny placed in booking.  Nor, have they seen him in the clinic.  According to our sources in the Jail, Kenny was placed in booking because he was having medical issues.  If Kenny was having medical issues why wasn't he sent to the infirmary?  There is a simple reason.  Retaliation.  Shortly after Kenny spoke with the representatives he has begun receiving his prescribed medications, being fed more and receiving more nutritional meals.  Shortly thereafter Kenny was sent to the yard for exercise to "help him build his strength" by forcing him to run.  This after losing 80 lbs.  Kenny was so weak that he fell down and injured himself.

What is wrong with this picture?  Kenny has been scheduled to receive additional medical evaluations.  He must wait for a bed.  He is the 9th  person in line for a bed.  Ms. Brown called and spoke with the officials at the facility and was told that it could take up to a year before he was evaluated.  That means Kenny will spend another year in jail for possession of marijuana leaves.

Ms. Brown called back to the sheriff's office a few minutes ago and spoke to the sergeant in charge and he agreed to allow Ms. Brown visitation with her son.  At least there is still a few good people remaining in the jail.  This situation caused Ms. Brown gas, time, and the worry that something serious is wrong with her son.  This is another example of Sheriff Ana Franklin playing doctor without a license.

Last but not least. After Ms. Brown spoke with the Southern Poverty Law Center someone reported to Social Security that Ms. Brown died.  It took three trips to the Social Security Administration in Decatur and calls to the Social Security Inspector General's office to set the record straight. For over a month and a half, Ms. Brown had to borrow from friends and family to support herself and Kenny. We also submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the Social Security office requesting to know who and or what organization reported that Ms. Brown was dead.

Mrs. Brown was not the only family member or inmate that was reported dead.

I worked for Social Security approximately 33 years ago.  Social Security does not arbitrarily remove persons from the database as being dead.  I smell a skunk.

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