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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

One at a time. Corruption - Corruption - Corruption Bentley

Bentley the Luv Guv on the move.  Impeach Governor Bentley as part of the cleanup Alabama process.  We can't talk about Sheriff Ana Franklin without bringing up Governor Robert Bentley.  One of Sheriff Franklin's biggest supports.  Bentley turned his back on Morgan County when he chose to ignore Franklin's Ethical Misconduct dating back to when Sheriff Ana Franklin hired her common-law Son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins who was spending time in the Limestone County, Alabama jail for Probation Violation and Contempt of Court.  Governor Bentley refused our phone calls and ignored our pleas for assistance in dealing with the then State Attorney General Luther Strange who failed to allow address the issues involving Sheriff Ana Franklin's Ethics Violations.

Ethical Violation 1) Hiring a criminal as a Corrections Officer, who lives in her home with her daughter, and grandchildren.
Ethical Violation 2) Hiring her oldest daughter as a clerk in the Sheriff's Office and paying her under the table.
Ethical Violation 3) Hiring her first cousin as contract labor in the jail
Ethical Violation 4) Hiring contract labor in the jail and paying them with Wal-Mart Gift Cards.

All of these actions took place prior to our knowledge of Sheriff Franklin dipping into the Inmate Food Funds.

The close relationship between the Luv Guv and Sheriff Franklin is as unethical as the Luv Guv's relationship with Rebekah Mason.  He ignored the ethics violation against Franklin because of friendship, Franklin is a Republican, and a Female.  Check out the Sumpter County Sheriff Impeachment.

Repeat of a previous Blog:

How did they do it?  We received a print out yesterday of Jonathan David Stebbins arrests.  What is interesting is that none of his arrests during the time that Stebbins worked for Sheriff Franklin as a Corrections Officer showed up on the state-wide printout.

Stebbins was arrested in Limestone County, a few times before and during his employment with the MCSO. Beginning in December 13, 2012 to the time he resigned his position as a Corrections Officer on February 4, 2013, none of his arrests were recorded in the state-wide database. Matter of fact we believe he was in jail in Limestone County on his first day of work.  We have articles of some of the arrests below.  In addition we were informed by a reliable source that Sheriff Franklin told them that if they had problems with Stebbins' absence during the time he was in jail they were to call her personally.

The document below reflects some of Stebbins arrests but not all of them.  The funny thing about the missing arrests is that they happen to be the arrests for burglary(s) and contempt during the time frame Stebbins worked for Sheriff Franklin in the Morgan County Jail.  If we are not mistaken all arrests must be recorded whether they are adjudicated, dismissed, or the person is indicted by a grand jury.  Maybe Sheriff Blakely can tell us why Stebbins arrests are missing from the records. We need to ask the DA how the rest of the folks in Morgan and Limestone County can get a deal like that.  I am sure there is a lot of people who would love to make their arrests go away.


  1. "Franklin is a Republican, and a Female."

    Why do you hate Republicans and females?

    1. Here we go again! It's OK for Franklin to steal and cheat because she is a republican and a female? Give me a break. If Franklin was a man she would already be in jail. Maybe you just don't want the truth because it comes from a woman.

  2. Here we go, playing the minority card. "Franklin is a female" so if she is doing wrong, how dare anyone say anything about it! Get a Job! Being a female doesn't give that person a free pass to do wrong! That is beyond comprehension....she ran for office, she knows the rules (well she is suppose to) and she knows whatever she does as Sheriff it will be scrutinized. So let's not play this poor poor female crap.

  3. This disgusts me to no husband was a Lt. the day she took office...she knew exactly what she was going to do to him to bring her bestie Bones Wilson into office. She demoted him and rank and pay her first day in office...not by her...she sends Captain Law to deliver the news. He demands a reason in writing as he knew the SOP...Nope no he demands a meeting with her and promised a reason in writing...that didnt he requests vacation time...she fired him on his last day of vacation...still no reason...and attached to his termination said to all Morgan County employees...prior to me taking office the Morgan County Sheriffs Office Procedure manual no longer can a Sheriff retroactively remove a manual a month prior? Long story short we were drug through the mud...all over the newspapers... And a well known Federal Judge Inge Johnson told Ana and Barney in her chambers I highly suggest you turn Mr. Keys termination into a resignation...did she take the advice from a Federal Judge? Hell now but she allows a convicted felon who should have never ever worked in the jail checking inmates in to resign. This is a mess and I pray there are good folks out there fighting...continue the fight...and BTW Ana thugs no need to comment.

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