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Friday, April 28, 2017

Motion to Terminate Prospective Relief

Blogger Comments:  Federal Judge Kallon has granted a hearing on the Motion to Terminate Prospective Relief for June 21, 2017.  Reference document 150.  Two years after Franklin took inmate food funds to invest the money in a known felon’s used car lots (Title Marts), who happens to be her cousin, Franklin is asking for relief and does not want to be held accountable for the money she spent from the inmate's food fund.  Folks it isn't just about $160,000.00 dollars.  Franklin knows that if the Class Action Lawyers gain access to the MCSO bank accounts she is going to be coughing up A LOT more money and jail time than she would get for the $160,000.00 dollars.

See the highlighted section of Document 104 below.  This is the paragraph Franklin wants to be removed from the Consent Decree.

Franklin is asking for relief of A. i)  The Sheriff of Morgan County shall immediate establish and implement a procedure whereby all funds provided by any source for the feeding of inmates, including funds from the State of Alabama, and municipality, and the federal government, will be used exclusively for the feeding of said inmates incarcerated in the Morgan County Detention Facility.  For any year in which there is a shortfall in the funds to provide meals for inmates in the County Jail, the Sheriff will not be responsible for the shortfall in funds. 

In court, Barney made the statement that there is ample money in the food accounts to feed the inmates without using all funds for the feeding of the inmates.  If that is true why did Franklin say she had a $21,000.00 deficit; and that she took the $160,000.00 and invested $150,000.00 into the Title Marts to make a 17% profit on her investment to supplement the food account?  If that is so, why did it take Franklin one and a half years to put the money back?  Where did all the "ample money" go?  Let’s get real! Barney is trying to get approval for the money Franklin stole after the fact.  Sheriff Franklin is a liar and a thief.  If she hadn’t been caught that money would have never been replaced.

Franklin says she can prove she fed nutritional meals.  Time will tell.  Maybe we should ask her cousin Greg Steenson how the meals in jail are?  He spent enough time to get a real taste of the meals.

On another note and before the court documents Sheriff Ana Franklin is in CONTEMPT we just don’t know how CONTEMPTIBLE she is.

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  1. Looks like Ana got caught with her big fat hand in the cookie jar. Now wants the Feds to let her off the hook. Lock er up..