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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Ana Franklin is moving employees in and out pretty fast these days.  We wonder if she has stood her ground and ensured that the new employees have no connection to felons.  Did we mention that Sheriff Ana Franklin has connections with a felon?  Greg Steenson and Sheriff Ana Franklin are partners and cousins.  Franklin invested inmate food funds in his PONZI scheme at the same time she claimed the inmate food funds had a deficit of 21,000.00 dollars.  Sheriff Franklin is a do as I say, sheriff, not a do as I do sheriff.

March 2017 County Commission

Additions                                                             Deletions
William Darby                                                    Community Corrections Mark Palmer Animal Control
Stuart Wooters Sheriff                                         Jacob Crowell  EMA
Hershel Harvel  Sheriff                                        Denise Lovino Probate
Cory Owens Sheriff                                            Anthony Johnson Sheriff
Jonathen Hogland Sheriff                                    Charity Shoulders  Sheriff
Jonathon Wynne  Sheriff                                     Hunter Brooks Sheriff
James Ferrara Sheriff                                          Jonathen Hogland Sheriff
Alexis Crutcher Sheriff                                        Cory Owens Sheriff
Clinton Patterson Sheriff                                     Alexis Crutcher Sheriff
Jolanda Vaughn Sheriff                                        Ripley Fowler Sheriff
Adria Taylor Sheriff                                               
James Wright Sheriff
Megan McGee Sheriff                                          
Lonnie Eubanks Sheriff
Erica Bates Sheriff 

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