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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Posse

The Morgan County Sheriffs Office Posse has given away over 1000 ticket for the posse event to be held this weekend.  We understand the ticket have been handed out to the volunteer fire departments and others.

We think that it is a wonderful idea to give out free tickets and to donate the proceeds to the special needs.  The event should have a full house based on all of the giveaways.

Way to go Posse....


  1. Soooo...if the tickets are free, where do the "proceeds" come from?

  2. Posse event? Why do all the signs say "Sheriff's Rodeo"?

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  4. HUGE crowd for the rodeo.
    With so many citizens having fun at the Morgan County Sheriff's Rodeo, Glenda will be along shortly to put a negative spin on the weekend.

    1. My family had a great time last night! What a fun event.

  5. We are glad you had a great time. Watch closely to the news this week.