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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Letter to the Editor Keeping trust of public is essential

To The Daily: While there is constant emphasis on making our cities and our county better and more attractive places to live, it must be pointed out those efforts go much further than new restaurants, downtown development and increased social activity.
The major effort should be with our leaders and transparency as well. In Decatur and Morgan County, we have black eyes in those areas, and it needs to be changed. From our sheriff, who refuses public records requests, to the Decatur school board. Two things are clear and simple here: Both have forgotten who they work for; they work for the public. Second, if you refuse public records requests, you have something to hide. That is totally unacceptable, and quite frankly extremely arrogant.
A totally different tune is spoken by all mentioned when they are seeking office, but once they have gotten in, it has all changed, and not for the better. Keeping the trust of the public is essential for successful governmental operations. That trust is completely diminished when the brooms are brought out of the closet and the matters at hand are swept under the rug.
We are better than that Ms. Sheriff and Decatur school board. Too bad they have forgotten who they work for, and have forgotten what trust is all about.
Tim Keenum

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