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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Larry and the Somerville PD

Larry had another run in with the law recently.  He was stopped during a traffic violation by the Somerville PD and quickly told them he doesn't have time for their stuff.  Or something like that.  Larry promptly got back in his super-duper high end truck provided by the MCSO and drove off.  The arrogance of this man.  Did he get his attitude from the sheriff?  Most likely.

Now poor ole Larry is trying to set up a meeting with the Somerville PD, mayor, and others to apologize and tell them how truly sorry he is for his behavior and conduct during a simple traffic stop.  This is the third disrespectful and unlawful act

I can see it now, ole Larry will swagger in the Somerville PD in his high stepping boots, take his cowboy hat off and say partner I am truly sorry.

Larry, you are no John Wayne.  Unfortunately, because of your relationship with Franklin and your thieving ways of taking money out of the special needs rodeo funds we have no respect for you.

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