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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jail Conditions Around The State

Blogger Comments:  It is obvious that jail conditions across the state do not just hit home here in Morgan County.  When the state gives sheriffs a legal right to steal inmate food funds this kind of stuff is going to happen.  Most jails in the State of Alabama are as overcrowded as the prisons. Governor Kay Ivey is draining the Alabama corruption swamp.  The legislature should jump in with both feet and help rid the state of our corrupt laws that allow sheriffs to partake in the inmate food funds.  Stop giving Alabama Sheriffs a license to steal.  

I have read a lot of troublesome comments about letting the inmates starve, they deserve what they get for being in jail, and many more comments that are disturbing.   The punishment for your crime is being in jail, not inadequate or non-nutritional meals.  It is amazing to see the comments from so many good Christians around the state that believe it is OK to let the inmates go hungry.  People that is not Christian behavior.  The punishment for your crime is being in jail.  

Dissatisfied with jail meal, 7 inmates riot in Marshall CountyMarshall County

Marshall county sheriff.jpg 
Seven Marshall County inmates are facing additional charges for damaging property during a weekend riot about their dissatisfaction with food served at a jail meal, authorities said.
When the seven inmates first complained to jail staff about their meal Saturday evening, the warden had an additional meal prepared to satisfy their complaints, Sheriff Scott Walls said in a news release.
After receiving the second prepared meal, the inmates took their meal trays, damaged the fire sprinkler system and a kiosk, Walls said in the release. A phone also was destroyed.
Damage to the sprinkler system caused flooding in the jail, Walls said. Damage estimates haven't yet been completed.
The following inmates are charged with inciting a riot and damaging state property:
  • Nathan Winston Stephens, 30, of Albertville
  • Adrian Michael Renteria, 23, of Albertville
  • Randall Odell Ginn, 30, of Henager
  • Cory Lee Ward, 37, of Albertville
  • Kevin Stanley Miotke, 26, of Grant
  • Darrel Leon Hopson Jr, 38, of Albertville
  • Carsel Wayne Tawbush, 26, of Crossville
Walls said of the 235 inmates in the cell block, only those charged were involved in the incident.
When the disturbance began, deputies and Guntersville police responded to the jail.
"The arrival of deputies and officers stopped the incident, and they were able to maintain control," Walls said in the statement.
One inmate injured himself while he was damaging the phone and other property, Walls said. The inmate was treated and released from Marshall Medical Center North.
Additional details haven't yet been released.

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