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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Here We Go Again, Another Spin - How Much More Money Is this Costing the County

Why didn't sheriff Ana Franklin submit the following requests prior to telling all the lies she has told about the inmate food fund?  Bill Shinn made it perfectly clear to Sheriff Franklin that the inmate food funds were off limits.  If Barney Lovelace is half as good as he pretends to be between his tall tales and letting everybody in the courtroom know who his sister is (a Federal Judge), then these documents should have been submitted six years ago, long before Sheriff Ana Franklin took the inmates food fund money and fed the inmates watered down gruel.

As shown in paragraph 5. "Below Franklin says that she welcomes the opportunity to present evidence that she has fully complied with Section 22 of the 2001 Consent Decree which requires that the: "22. County Defendants shall provide a nutritionally adequate diet to inmates, and shall consult with a registered dietitian to review and approve all menus actually served at the Jail.  Food provided to inmates shall not be withheld, reduced, or altered as a form of punishment.  County Defendants shall provide therapeutic diets when such of the patient's treatment." (Doc. 45)."

This is no laughing matter.  Franklin wants the Amended 2009 consent decree out of the picture prior to her court date.  Why?  She does not want the public to know how long and how much money she has taken out of the sheriff's office.  It never crossed the sheriff's mind she wasn't the one losing half of her body weight.  I can hear the anonymous supporters now.  Well! She isn't the one in jail.  No, she isn't but she should be.  Franklin probably never gave a thought to denying the inmates fresh fruit, (nothing but bananas and apples because other fruits are too expensive), no fresh milk (powdered milk only), no fresh vegetables (canned or frozen only), and whole grains, which was supposed to be part of the regularly fed staples monthly.  Sheriff Franklin says in the document that she fully complied with paragraph 6. of the January 27, 2009 Order (excerpts of para 6 below).

The daily meals should have been based on the USDA's Food Guide Pyramid which includes replacement of processed meats with lean meats, poultry, and eggs.

Why don't Sheriff Franklin's supporters ask the nutritionist why she rarely comes to the Jail.  Because Sheriff Franklin does not follow the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. I doubt the inmates see the monthly gruel menus before they are placed in from of them.  That is unless the Class Action Counsel's inspections of the jail have recently changed standard sheriffs office procedures.

Paragraph 7. of the below documents states that she has fully complied with the above provisions in paragraph 6.a., ii, iii, iv, v, vi, and vii.  Good! She should be happy to prove that to the court and the citizens of Morgan County.

Paragraph 8. Franklin ask for relief of establishing and implementing a procedure whereby all funds provided by and source for the feeding of inmates, including funds from the State of Alabama, any municipality, and the federal government, is used exclusively for the feeding of inmates.  Oh! and Sheriff Franklin doesn't want to be responsible for any shortfalls in funds. 

Sheriff Ana Franklin is asking for all of this relief after she has taken the inmates food for the past six years.  Barney waits for six years before asking for relief.  Barney only asked for this relief after Class counsel made several visits to the Morgan County Jail and filed their motions in court describing their findings at the jail.

This isn't right.  Sheriff Franklin and her lawyers may get away with it.  But this is nothing more than a license to steal.

In yet another filing Barney wants a Decatur Daily article Sheriff's federal hearing canceled, but jail food money remains an issue By Keith Clines Staff Writer, March 23, 2017.  I can imagine that Barney doesn't want any of the articles the Daily has written presented.  Especially since Franklin has told so many different stories as to how she got the money and how she loaned it to the Title Mart, no invested it into the Title Mart.  It would be interesting to hear the tall tales the Sheriff repeats in court. That is if this case ever makes to Federal Court.


  1. Impeachment is quick and final.No jail time.I'm for it but I would have loved to see her, serve a nice long sentence in her own jail eating that delicious nutritious food, that she claims that she is feeding the inmates.I think that she would quickly lose the fifty pounds that she needs to lose,although I believe that a lot of that blubber may be alcohol bloat.Impeach or prosecute,either one is acceptable as long as the citizens of Morgan County stop having their tax dollars stolen and the inmates are properly fed .Come on Franklin,do the right thing and resign.In the old days they carried corrupt politicians out of town on a rail.I'm sure that you don't want that to happen to you.

  2. Arrogance has no boundraries. The sky is the limit, and doing the right thing is clouded by taking care of No.1 first. When you take money that you shouldn't, you become dependent on it. Without being Sheriff, no money to live at the new standard being in office has afforded her. She can, in her mind do no wrong. Arrogance is an evil cloud in judgement and reality and for that she will never resign, as she I agree should.

  3. "O Brother Where Art Thou" In my above comment,I was referring to the cute movie about corrupt politicians ,starring George Clooney.The citizens carried a man who was running for Governor, and was a member of the KKK ,out of a rally after sitting him on a rail.

  4. RESIGN...please. This mess is getting ridiculous...and while your at it let your attorney Barney know he has made enough of taxpayers money representing a corrupt ling thief run our county...he needs to retire while he can...Taxpayers dont care his sister is a Federal Judge.

  5. First of all,Ziaja has no intention of leaving.He does not have to.His boss,John Venegoni,is also heavily involved in this ponzi scheme.Also it has been said for years, that the federal drug task force team that Franklin and Ziaja are members of has been stealing drug bust money.There is more than one cookie jar where Franklin and Ziaja are involved.Keep in mind that Ziaja is broke.Franklin has cleaned him out.I believe that he and Venegoni are trying to build up a nest egg before the "Poop" hits the fan. A.G.Strange was as corrupt as anyone can be,and the ALEA was his goon squad.I know things that would make a persons hair stand on end.Franklin and Ziaja are very sick,twisted people.This Title Marts thing is just a drop in the bucket.


  6. If you know things why aren't you telling anybody? Grow some balls.

  7. This Corrupt Sheriff and all her thugs belong behind bars....they can intimidate people illegally by attacking their phones and computers...not for long.

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