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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Greg Steenson history repeating its self

Blogger Comments:  Greg Steenson is not only a thug but a relative of Sheriff Ana Franklin. He planned, organized, and masterminded a check kiting scheme years ago and went to Federal Prison.   He masterminded a PONZI scheme where he, Franklin, Steven Ziaja, Blake Robinson, and Bones Wilson all profited.  Not only did they profit, so did Ana and Greg Steenson's family and close friends.  Greg Steenson has been arrested on some of the current crimes he has committed but has not yet gone to trial.  Sheriff Ana and the rest of her felons have not yet been arrested.  She still believes that Big Luther is going to swoop in and save her sorry butt from jail.  Sorry, Ana, Big Luther is in his own political fight and does not have time for you and yours. 

The PONZI scheme is over and it won’t be long now before the whole sorry lot goes to jail.

When Steenson was caught up in the Kite Scheme he got a sweet deal.  He paid back 5.2 million and only spent a couple of years in the Federal pen.  This time around, he may not be so lucky.

We hear Greg is now working on playground equipment which should help him with a trade once he goes back to prison.

Bones “the sharpshooter” who kills dogs as a hobby when he raids family homes may not be as lucky.  Bones is as lazy as a hound dog (no pun intended) and I don’t think being a couch potato or a sharpshooter killing family pets is a trade.

Blake Robinson and Steven Ziaja who raped the Title Marts while on duty as law enforcement officers have a trade.  I hear they are expert latrine cleaners.  They will be fine instruments within the confines of prison.  Lots of latrines to clean.

As for Ana, there’s another person without a trade.  There will be nobody to order around, nobody to fire, nobody to threaten, nobody she can wrap around her little bitty pinkie (like Big Luther or Barney).  Maybe the prison can train her on kitchen duties.  That way, she can see how a chow hall is supposed to run. 

Owner of bankrupt Decatur business charged with theft, forgery or 256-340-2443. Twitter @aremkus1.Morgan 
Greg Steenson Greg Steenson, Felon and cousin of Sheriff Ana Franklin

Bankruptcy auction of office of Priceville used car dealership

County's sheriff had a man she claims owes her money transferred to a different jail Tuesday after he was arrested on charges relating to his ownership of a Decatur used car dealership.
Greg Steenson, 47, 38 Jackson Way, Decatur, is being held in Limestone County Jail on eight counts of first-degree theft, a Class B felony, and Class C felonies of one count of second-degree theft and two counts of second-degree forgery.
The charges stem from transactions that occurred while Steenson was associated with Priceville Partners LLC, District Attorney Scott Anderson’s office said Tuesday.
The dealership, which is the subject of a lawsuit between Steenson and another partner, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year in federal court with a list of creditors that includes Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.
In the criminal case, Steenson is accused of selling vehicles for which he did not have titles and forging other names to documents requesting replacement titles for the cars he sold, Anderson said.
In the civil case, Franklin claims Steenson misappropriated funds, including a $150,000 loan she made to the company last year.
Because of her ties to Steenson, Franklin said the Sheriff’s Office has no involvement in the criminal case.
District Attorney Investigator Johnny Coker apprehended Steenson late Monday and took him to Morgan County Jail, where he was booked on the 11 charges.
Franklin said she had Steenson transferred after she learned about the arrest Tuesday morning.
“All I know is there was an investigation because of all the lawsuits and bankruptcy,” the sheriff said. “And the district attorney’s office is handling all of that.”
The dealership filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Northern District of Alabama in March listing more than $5.4 million in claims from creditors.
The filing showed the company with between $500,000 and $1 million in assets.
Harold Jeffreys, a Decatur businessman and former banker, signed the filing as the company’s majority member. Jeffreys, who owns 60 percent of the company, late last year filed a civil lawsuit in state court against Steenson, who owned 40 percent of the company.
Jeffreys claims in the civil lawsuit Steenson owes him $3.2 million from unpaid loans, and Steenson misappropriated the money from the company and Jeffreys.
Steenson was being held with bail set at $285,000.
If he makes bail, Steenson has been ordered to seek court permission before transacting any business involving vehicles, Anderson said.
“This is an ongoing investigation, and it is possible that additional arrests may be made in relation to these and other transactions,” Anderson said.
If convicted, Steenson faces two to 20 years on the Class B felony charges and up to 10 years on the Class C felonies.

The CUJ Daily February 17, 2003 | Copyright

Ousted Whistleblower Awarded $1M

DECATUR, Ala.-The former manager of Family Security CU was awarded $1 million for damages she suffered after the credit union turned the tables on her and fired her for reporting suspicious activity.
Karen Brackin reported allegations of a massive check-kiting scheme involving local used car dealer Gregory Steenson for which Steenson and fellow car dealer Robert Cagle were later sentenced to prison.
When Brackin, who worked at the credit union for 24 years, reported her suspicions to the board and supervisory committee they accused her of the same improprieties, including forging members signatures on loans, placing loans in the names of members, giving kickbacks to agents and employees for car loans, extending due dates on loans, improperly handling repossessed cars. …

Alleged kiting scheme targeted Hartselle bank

By Staff
Staff Reports, Hartselle Enquirer
A Madison man is being charged with conspiracy to defraud in connection with an alleged check kiting scheme which targets included a Hartselle bank.
Bryant M. Hovis, 36, was indicted by a federal grant jury last week. Hovis, a former vice-president and loan officer at North Alabama Bank, is accused of participating in conspiracy to defraud Community Bank of Hartselle, North Alabama Bank of Decatur, Bank of Huntsville, Union Planters Bank of Decatur and Community Spirit Bank of Red Bay.
"The scheme involved check kiting and the presentation of false financial statements for loans by certain conspiring North Alabama car dealers," said Alice Martin, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.
According to Martin, two of those car dealers, Greg Steenson of Hartselle and David Riggs of Decatur, have previously pled guilty to bank fraud conspiracy charges. Another car dealer, William Clingerman of Decatur, is being sought by law enforcement.
The indictment alleges Hovis received kickback payments from the car dealers in return for his influence at the bank. He is also charged with failing to report the kickback payments he received, totalling more than $80,000, as income on his 1998 and 1999 income tax returns.

West Virginia man indicted in bank fraud 

A former West Virginia man charged in a multimillion-dollar check scheme in Alabama pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and identity fraud.
Robert Leroy Keiter, 54, of Berkeley Springs, W.Va., also known as William K. or Bill Clingerman, had been charged in a three-count indictment with conspiring with a bank official and some used-car dealers to defraud The Bank of Decatur, Union Planters Bank of Decatur, North Alabama Bank of Hazel Green and Community Spirit Bank of Red Bay.
The check-kiting scheme caused those banks to lose $8.5 million, prosecutors said.
Keiter, who lived in the Huntsville-Decatur area during the 1990s using the name Clingerman, apparently fled in July 2001 to avoid prosecution. He was working in a convenience store in his hometown of Berkeley Springs when FBI agents arrested him on Nov. 3, 2003.
A tip from a West Virginia resident who saw Keiter’s picture on the fugitive page of the FBI’s Web site led to his arrest. The FBI had him on a list of Alabama’s 12 most wanted fugitives.
Four other men have been convicted in the check scheme and are serving sentences: Greg Steenson of Hartselle, David Riggs and Bryant Hovis, both of Decatur, and Robert Cagle of Daphne.
Keiter faces a possible 20-year prison sentence and a $500,000 fine when sentenced.


  1. You still drag up things nearly 20 years old. I am sure everyone agrees Steenson has made some bad decisions and may or may not be guilty but you keep re running those same articles. Find something new. I notice you never mention your sugar daddy Harold Jeffreys. He is the biggest shyster of all. Rumor has it you two are deeply involved with each other, and Walker is jealous. Tell us about the back side of that farm land he has in Wolf Springs. And keep trying to guess who this is.

  2. So Bankrupt Glenda has a new partner? Personally or professionally?

  3. Now I get it, that's where the whistleblower luv comes in. Harold you sly dog you.

    1. Reckon Hal knows about this "relationship"?