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Monday, April 24, 2017

Excerpts from the MCSO FB

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The MCSO FB has comments posted on the Inmate Food Account that are interesting.

It is counterproductive to try to encourage people to believe anything other than what the chose to believe.  That is not our goal or intent.  The judicial systems will address those issues.  Ours is to report what we see.

Hilda Etienne Way to go Sheriff let the public know that what is written in the wonderful Decatur Daily is only a small piece of the truth!!!!
LikeReply7April 21 at 6:38pm
Theresa Alexander Selby I have seen some of your inmates before they went in and after they came out. They are healthier when they get out so I know that they have been well fed while in custody. Thank you Ana for trying to let the people know that the inmates are being fed well. On the other hand there are some people that you will never be able to convince that you are doing your job no matter what you do. We will pray for the haters.
LikeReply2April 22 at 8:58am
Christopher E. Greenstein If my wife wasn't such a great cook, I'd be sorely tempted to break some laws (just kidding) for some of that, excepting the chicken livers... lol. Seriously, if you want a decent meal, a place to sleep, and you're short on job opportunities- please t...See More
LikeReply1April 22 at 3:56pm
Martha Cantrell McMurray Too bad u have to put up with all the unfair and untrue reporting and vested interest. If it were me I wouldn't explain any of it, you are truthful and god knows it.
Cody Brown It's not a hotel, it's a jail. 
If you're in jail you've violated some law or ordinance. 
If you violate a law or ordinance and are detained your constitutional rights as an American citizen are forfeit. 
...See More
LikeReply1April 22 at 7:33am
Amanda Lawrimore Maddux They have been cooking in house for a while. I was a nurse there at one time and the food trays always looked good and plentiful.
Laura Bentley Eating better than a lot of families are tonight so they've got nothing to complain about.
LikeReply12April 21 at 6:24pmEdited
Robert Vann Dupree What ever happened to jail being a punishment for a crime committed......a meal like this does not seem a punishment.....these inmates eat much better than should be expected
LikeReply1April 22 at 7:10am
Chase Eubanks You'll starve to death in there... and THEY had took THE INMATES water cooler for a WEEK bc someone dip there cup for!! Made the inmates drink HOT NASTY WATER FROM THE SHOWER!!!!
LikeReply1April 22 at 11:54amEdited
Chris Warnick I have never seen the menu posted prior to the allegations. Is this something new that will be posted daily?
LikeReply120 hrs
Gina Green They are eating better than me. What do I need to do to get free food like this?πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
LikeReply2April 21 at 7:37pm
Martha Cantrell McMurray Can't stand decatur paper. So frivolous! Biased and provincial and outdated
Stan Smith Quit stealing our tax money!
LikeReply6April 21 at 8:49pm
George Sapp How much left over money did you pocket this month?
LikeReply5April 21 at 9:45pm
Robby Wagner Aunt Bee would be proud.
LikeReply2April 21 at 7:55pm
Daniel Gladden Lies all lies ...
LikeReply2April 21 at 6:30pm
Shannon King So you didn't take that money?
Tyler Berry I've never seen anyone get skinny in there
LikeReply1April 22 at 1:09am
Sherell Godgotmyback Lockett STAY ADVISED DNT GO TO JAIL
LikeReply1April 21 at 6:24pm
Nancy Latham Hooper When did the jail start cooking in house?
Mike Reid Can anybody eat with you all??

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