To The Daily: In the past year, Alabama has seen former Gov. Don Siegelman get out of prison, former Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard go to prison and former Gov. Robert Bentley face impeachment over ethics violations. If we want this pattern of corruption to change, the citizens of this state need to hold our representatives to a higher standard and expect our elected representatives to show leadership by following state ethics laws in an exemplary manner.
It disturbs me to read that not only did Terri Collins receive a reimbursement contribution to her campaign fund that was not within the timeline allowable by state ethics laws, but she makes excuses for her action. Maybe she is using the funds for expenses related to her office, but the end does not justify the means. Our representatives do not show leadership in ending corruption and restoring respect to this state when they are lax about adhering to standards set by state ethics laws. To be merely not-like-Bentley is not an acceptable standard for our elected officials.
Cynthia Jones