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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Comments in regards to Larry Berzett's traffic stop in Somerville

Speaking of traffic stops.  Larry believes the laws do not apply to him.  Especially traffic laws.   Larry Berzett has a high dollar cowboy truck with blue lights from the Sheriff’s Office and a badge even though his qualifications are questionable at best, why then has he not arrested anyone as an employee of the Sheriff’s Office? Has he or can he write a ticket? He must be able to do these things since he believes he is above the law enough not to have to obey lawful commands at a traffic stop. Federal Judge Kallon used and example in court April 14, of having to obey traffic stops as an example of the rules of law? I guess Berzett suffers from the same ignorance of the law Ana does.

Blogger Comments:  

We have been told that at least in this case Larry apologized to the Somerville Chief of Police. That does not make it right.  Had that been Joe the plumber he would have gone to jail.

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