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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Comments from one of our readers

As a math instructor at a local community college, while giving out a ratio quiz I instructed my students to formulate and solve a ratio problem if Franklin lies 12 times a month 6 of which are to fed judges what is the ratio of lie days vs.truthful days over the last six years. Another ratio issue arose about Barney Lovelace....he has been protecting our sheriff for over 6 many lawsuits vs the hourly rate has him and our sheriff cost Morgan county over the last 6 years. Boggled my mind the younger generation knows a lot more than we think.

Blogger Comments:  Let's see if Billable Barney and his high priced client Ana can figure out the equations above. 

You always see posters for "What good readers do", but not many for math...

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