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Monday, April 10, 2017

Comments from one of our readers that was at the Rodeo

At the rodeo a game was played. It involved volunteers from the audience. Take the $ 100.00 bill off of the Wild Bills horn. Friday night one participant. A large woman who filled out her waiver. She listed a long list of medications and stipulated that she was a mental patient at a Cullman mental health facility. They allowed her to participate!!!! She was struck by the bull receiving minor injuries. The fire ems crew wasn't from Priceville Ana wanted Mud Tavern VFD from the west side of Decatur. They had no backboard and the woman who couldn't get up had to be dragged through the dirt to the ems crew. Saturday night three men participated. The bull struck one sending him 20 feet in the air. The man landed face first out cold. He was airlifted to Huntsville hospital with a broken arm pelvis and head injuries. I am told he doesn't remember being at the rodeo. He was given the $100.00 prize to put toward his extremely expensive medical helicopter trip. In his case Priceville fire was paged out due to the fact that Mud Tavern didn't have any ems equipment Ana told them she just needed manpower to assist the ambulance crew. One ems member on scene said it was the most idiotic worst planned ems logistics for an event he has ever seen. Allowing a person who is admitting that they are a mental patient is both irresponsible and incomprehensible. They are not of sound mind.


  1. Dang, I guess the rodeo contractor ought to do a better job of screening contestants.

  2. Rodeo game? What type of game is that? I never played before. Also, post something about this related to steps and how can we play etc.?