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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sheriff, it's a little too late to do the right thing now.

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Corrections officer Carrico (white) was in court to testify for Franklin on the 14th.  She should because she benefited from the Sheriff's largess.  Sheriff Franklin and Larry Berzett successfully got rid of Corrections Officers Staten And Davis, both black females.  Allegedly Karen Davis (a woman of color) was in charge of the kitchen when Franklin brought Carrico in as was Staten (a woman of color).  The women of color were both allegedly in charge of the Kitchen when Carrico was brought in.  BUT when it came time for out of town training Franklin did not send the woman of color who was allegedly in charge of the kitchen to training.  Instead, Franklin and Carrico were the ones to attend the training.  Surprised?  We're not.

As to the local newspapers that have not been favorable to Franklin.  They were favorable way too long.  Franklin can't stand reading the truth about herself, hearing the truth, or seeing the truth.  Franklin has to be in charge and all orders must be obeyed without questions.

Franklin, you let the inmates go hungry because of greed.  Greed for money.  Now you need to suffer the consequences of your conduct.  


Excerpts from Sheriff Ana Franklin's FB below.

In  light of the recent allegations of negative, incomplete, and unfounded press  coverage from one of our local newspapers, I felt it would be a good thing to do  as Paul Harvey said, to tell “the rest of the story.” I have seen posts around  dinner time with pictures and menus of what you will be enjoying for your family  dinners – so I thought it would be interesting to some of you to have an idea of  what we are serving at the Morgan County jail.

There are two reasons for this –  first, family and friends of our inmates can be assured that their loved ones  are being taking care of, treated well, and fed properly.

Second - to be  transparent and forthcoming with an issue that has garnered so much attention  from the local press over the years.

The photo of the  weekly menu is attached. 

Displaying IMG_0646..jpg
Blogger Comment:  Well! I guess it's better than a corn dog.

This menu is authorized and approved by our  nutritionist and has been consistent for the past six years. 

Tonight is  hamburgers with baked beans and corn, fruit or dessert, milk or fruit beverage.  

Breakfast will be as follows: 2 pancakes with 2 oz. portion of syrup, 8 oz.  oatmeal, 2 eggs and milk. 

Lunch on Saturday is two chicken salad sandwiches,  chicken noodle soup, and dessert or fruit and milk or fruit beverage and  

Saturday is my favorite. We have fried chicken livers, 4 oz. potato salad, 4 oz.  green beans, bread and dessert, milk or other beverage. 

It is important that  you know that I would never and have never denied anyone a nutritional or  adequate meal.

It is mainly because I try to be a Christian and a good human  being, but also, because I understand the responsibility given to me to care for  those under my custody. 

I appreciate all the  kind words and support, the prayers, and all the messages that I have received.  I will be addressing different topics and continuing to update you as I can with  more information each week. 

I also plan on some Facebook live posts with  different topics of interest. Thanks again! Until next time have a safe and  blessed weekend. 

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