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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Barney Flunks Logic

Blogger Comments:

Attached you will see an excerpt from federal court document 143 in regards to the inmate food funds, specifically paragraph 5.  Both Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin are doing their best to claim that the jail has always served the finest of meals in the jail.  Ana is trying hard to dig herself out of a crater she fell into.  The next paragraph reflects the logical calculation of the inmate’s complaints about the foods that was previously served in the jail.

Well, obviously, Barney has mastered grammar school arithmetic but he flunked logic.  He assumes that each of the 144 grievances consisted of one inmate making one complaint about one meal.  And that’s how he arrives at that totally ridiculous figure of 0.00014%.   Let’s assume that all those 144 grievances consisted of ALL the meals served to those 144 inmates.  Using Barney’s figures, 144 inmates out of 450 grieved.  That’s 32%.  Big difference.  It’s also bogus.  It doesn’t include special diets for the diabetics, snacks, the watered-down food, etc.  And of course not every meal was retched.  You can’t put an exact number on this many variables but you can measure trends.  And there is a sizable number of underfed inmates complaining about the food.  The good news is that during the investigation and documents flying back and forth, Ana is forced to do the right thing because somebody’s looking. 


  1. Barney, they got ya on that one. You should have asked your sister for help.

    1. Haha...why is he still billing the county sticking up for a corrupt sheriff. Shame on you barney.

  2. Because he can. Barney has racked up.