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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Alabama Law Enforcement Officer, Agent Steven Ziaja who lives in Morgan County, Alabama and was once Sheriff Ana Franklin's lover is as corrupt as they come.  Ziaja has spent the last few years of his career chasing after Franklin like a love-sick puppy. Franklin according to our sources promised to marry Steven after the first election.  Lover boy had his grandmother's wedding ring enlarged to fit Ana's finger.  Ana put lover boy off.  Eventually, it was time for Ana to run her second campaign.  Again, no wedding bells for Ana and Booger.  Once Ana finished harvesting the booger patch she went on to bigger and better things.

Ziaja in an effort to bring Ana back into his loving arms recently borrowed $145,000.00 to help Ana pay back the money she stole from the inmate food funds.  My question is, how will they pay back the rest of the money the sheriff took out of the accounts?

Booger fancies himself a country boy.  Just likes to have a good ole time.  Hunting, fishing, driving his new tractor, and trying to impress the girls.  Steven brags about being an under cover agent for ALEA.  

We've picked out an impressive picture of Ziaja flying the MCSO helicopter for the girls. How did he do that?  He isn't a pilot.  Sure Booger doesn't mind a little white lie.

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