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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Alabama governor's arrogance hits close to home

Blogger Comments:  Bentley resigned from office yesterday with arrogance, without dignity, and still believing he did nothing wrong. The arrogance that has swept across the state with some leaders who believe they are above the law and can bully employees and citizens because of who they are must stop.  A lot of the comments made by Bentley sounds oddly familiar here in Morgan County.  Yet! Again, when Sheriff Ana Franklin is removed from office you will not get as much as Bentley gave.  It is very doubtful you will get an apology.  From the beginning of our discovery that Sheriff Ana Franklin was not working within the confines of the law, she bragged about how her actions will never cause her any jail time.  It is sad that some politicians gain an arrogance that allows them to believe that they are above the law, can do anything, and pay no consequences.

If me, you, or any other citizen had done what Bentley did we would face 20 years’ imprisonment. Bentley received a gentleman's punishment for his white-collar crime.  However, he, his family, and that of his girlfriend’s family Rebekah Caldwell Mason will suffer many years of embarrassment.

We have worked very hard to inform the public of our knowledge of the relationship between, Bentley, Franklin, and Strange.  Most of the employees working for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office have realized that their Commander in Chief is dirty.  The citizens and the local politicians are all aware that Sheriff Franklin is dirty.  They just don't know how dirty yet.  Sheriff Franklin's followers are dirty.  I heard recently how many of Ana's closest cronies was unaware of the things the sheriff has been involved in.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Each of them knows about Franklin's criminal conduct and many have been involved right along with her.  Case in point.  I recently heard that Franklin shared her plans with others to send an informant into our business before the action was ever taken.  Why didn't that good trustworthy person inform a higher authority? I heard the person told her not to do it; that it would be a big mistake.  The big mistake is that the people she shared it with are as bad as she is or they would have come forward.  

That isn't ignorance of the law.  The person’s action was plain and simple stupid and illegal.  This law enforcement officials knew their boss was going to conduct a criminal act and did absolutely nothing about it.  Each of the people who have stood idle watched, and heard Sheriff Ana Franklin plot her criminal activities are as dirty as Franklin is.


  1. I think we can all agree that most politicians are crooks. I'm curious if this money stuff comes to nothing, what kinda criminal charges the sheriff will be charged with.

  2. Arrogance,is the worst trait you could possibly have! It destroys everything in its path and nowadays its more common than ever especially in politicians.