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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Witch Stirring Cauldron - Night

The jail is under construction based on signs posted around the old jail.  Did Ana get a permit? It appears that the sheriff is having Justin Powell rewire the jail.  The only problem is Justin doesn't have a clue what he is doing.  What is the name of the company Ana hired to rewire the jail.  Many of the Information Technology systems has been down for a few weeks.  We also heard rumor that the network is not working in the new jail.  Why doesn't Justin call a highly skilled person to come in and clean up the mess he made?  Because Rickey Brewer is too smart to come back as contract labor to clean up JP's mess.

Ana has burned bridges with many of the experienced employees that have gone on to a bigger and better life.  Franklin has some exceptional deputies that the next sheriff will need to rely on.  It will be imperative to get rid of the jail administration position and bring Warden Bradley back in.  Hopefully, some of the skilled deputies will be rehired to help the good men and women that are still serving at the pleasure of Ana.  Maybe we should say the displeasure of the sheriff.  Right now, the only ones working at the pleasure of Ana is Bones Wilson, Larry and Pam Berzett, Dee Goodwin, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell.  The clerks cannot do their jobs because they no longer have access to the files they need to perform their duties.

Hopefully once the new correction officers are hired that will relieve some of the stress of the corrections officers.  I can’t imagine how she will look potential employees in the face and ask them if they have any involvement with known felons.

We recently heard Ana is working hard to hire a new warden before next Thursday.  Has Franklin officially appointed Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett to take over for her if she is delayed getting back to work after the hearing.

Apparently, something has happened in the past week that has Ana concerned enough to release her coven of witches.  The coven has been spewing venom and frothing at the mouth for the last week.  What is certain is that their long hibernation has kept them for the real world for a long time.  


  1. Ricky Brewer? You taking about the same Ricky Brewer you were raking through the coals a few months ago? Just like Rick Sherman, Glenda will throw them under the first bus that comes along if they are no longer useful to her cause.
    Frothing? Don't be ridiculous...sounds like somebody is having fun at your expense.

  2. You can tell a hearing for Ana is coming. The deflecting supporters are coming out of the woodwork with coarse words and saying look at everyone else. It's like high school student council crap. Hilarious ��

  3. This blog certainly doesn't hold the power to change the outcome of any hearing. Only the Law will(should) matter in a court of law. This blog reported a few months ago that Glenda Lockhart is running for Sheriff, as such this is a political blog, the first step in Glenda's campaign.

  4. Folks I have known Glenda for years back when she was a hollaway I can tell u she has no chance of ever being sheriff
    But with that being said we have a sheriff that has let greed consume her and has let all the people down that put a lot of faith in her I feel has Thursday night our coroner will be the sheriff it's time the office of sheriff is run right and the inmates are treated the way u would want your child treated if they had make mistakes that put them behind bars we have good people that have done bad things in jail and we have bad people that will never change in jail but we must see that all are treated fair
    Please don't call me names if u are for the sheriff I feel alot Will come to light on Thursday and feel it will not turn out good for the sheriff

    1. What time and location is the Impeachment Hearing Thursday? I read there is a Federal hearing about a judge's order going on, but nothing about a State hearing.

    2. I think elected officials in Alabama have to be impeached.

  5. Go Sheriff Chunn! Make Morgan County great again.

  6. If they are elected law enforcement but become convicted felons do they have to be impeached or is that automatic?

  7. This mess is getting old...she stole from the County at least 160k...probably alot more...why is she still working for Morgan County???