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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Taking Inmate Food Funds and Telling At least Six Different Versions of Where You Got The Money

Yep! This picture just about sums it up.....So if it wasn't illegal why lie?


  1. Let's not forget some of the other issues. The range has been quiet. That means Ana Franklin, Chief Corley, Larry Berzett, Ron Livingston, Danny Mcdaniels, Still have not qualified with the weapons they are carrying. This goes against MCSO policy as Will as APOST requirements. We can only assume Ron Livingston has not found the weapons he lost or misplaced. What happens if one of the deputies needs assistance and one of the above come and discharge a weapon. Can we say major lawsuit. How can you continue to do your jobs when you are not even in compliance with APOST regulations.But wait, looks like some of your APOST standings are Suspended already. So you and the group are not even legal to carry those weapons if you are identified as deputies. You are regular citizens acting like deputies. You all don't have the respect you think you have. What do you all do if the deputies or jailers you dress as deputies can't qualify with the weapons they carry. They get the guns pulled and can't carry them. You all are a danger to the other deputies and jailers as well as the citizens of morgan county. By the way how do you work all those overtime hours Ron Livingston when your never at work. Thinking about work and working are 2 different things. But I guess that's what happens when the alzheifers is getting worse. Don't think the chief is liking being demoted to Warden. AND Larray the staffing for the jail is really a joke. How many times since the jail opened and you in contempt now. Great job. And Danny Mcdaniels you really have to use Dee Goodwin as your date for lunch? We were surprised that Dee Goodwin actually came into work that day since the inmate do all her work and she sits at home getting a check. But Dee Goodwin don't work for the MCSO. She is a contractor the the sheriff's office supplies a vecle aND gas card to so the citizens of Morgan county can pay for her since she is Ana Franklin best friend. But the citizens should be mad that they are paying her her to go on trips with the sheriff's office with all expended paid for by Ana Franklin. Don't feel let out Danny Mcdaniels once you can qualify with your gun and get your APOST back active may Ana may send you on a trip.

  2. Is this going to be addressed?

  3. They are only thinking of themselfs. They don't care. Just getting all they can get before they are forced out. They should have those guns pulled and forced to retire just like they did a woman of color not to long ago. Guess the policies are for some and not for all.