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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Speaking of Drug Busts and Overtime

It is no secret that some of Sheriff Franklin's favorites have gained a lot of overtime since Franklin was sworn in January 2011.  Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and Ron Livingston's overtime total is $187,000.00 per our open record requests.  The only one of these sheriff’s office employees is on the drug task force.  This is more money than has been seized by the sheriff's office for drug bust since Franklin took office.  The estimated amount of money seized based on the is $146,535.00.  Makes you wonder if ole bones and the drug task force are really working for their money.  We don't believe any of the other drug task force officers have made that kind of money, but if they did, it looks like the MCSO does not have much to show for the money they seized.  As many drug busts as Franklin claimed she made since 2011, it seems like those busts would have shown a considerable amount of more money.  

What happened to the drugs Ana?  Bones also seized approximately 48 vehicles per  Makes you wonder where all those vehicles went, doesn't it?  Can't help but wonder since Franklin, Bones, and Robinson were all involved up to their eyeballs in the Title Marts.  A multitude of weapons was also seized.  

It might interest some of you folks to know that the Decatur Police Department seized over $283,375. dollars in their drug busts during the same time frame.  Decatur PD seized over $136,840.00 more than the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and they don't work 24X7.

Guess Ana and Bones were looking for drugs, not money.  Hum!


  1. So the sheriff and bones pocketed the seized money?

  2. Yes, many can attest to it, undeniable proof.

  3. Dang, you've got undeniable proof, with witnesses, that the sheriff and a lieutenant have stolen seized money, and no indictment yet?

  4. They are all lying losers...lying on time sheets...claiming overtime that was not worked...there is no telling how many hundreds of thousands of dollars this Sheriff has spent on her few close thugs...the travel...the car lots...not right.