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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Simplified Breakdown of the Money Scheme - Ana Franklin - Steven Ziaja - Greg Steenson

The scheme that Greg Steenson, Steven Ziaja, and Ana Franklin were involved in may not be a Ponzi Scheme but it sure looks like one.  It appears that everyone except for the Jeffreys family got a piece of the pie.  I hope I have simplified the breakdown of the scheme for our readers.  It isn't complicated; it's just plain dumb.

Based on page  #  1 below Steven Ziaja gave Steenson a $10,000.00 check.  He received a 45% interest back on his investment which came to a profit of $4,500.00 dollars with a 30 day turn around. Ziaja received a check for his investment totaling $14,500.00 per page 1 below.

Ana Franklin invested  $150,000 original check with a 45% profit which should have come to $67,500.00 which comes to $217,500.00.  Franklin reinvested the money and her cash profit was 97,875.00.  According to the spreadsheet Ana wrote Steven Ziaja a check for $165,375.00.

Based on page # 2 Steven Ziaja cashed the check and gave Ana Franklin $165,375.00 to reinvest.  Ana Franklin reinvested a $150,000.00 check plus $165,375.00 in cash totaling $315,375.00.  Ana Franklin received a profit of $141,919.00.  The $141,919 was divided by 3 people totaling $47,306.00 for Greg Steenson, Steven Ziaja, and Ana Franklin.

You will notice at the bottom of page # 2 Ana received 212,681 in cash plus her original investment of $150,000.00 for a total of $362,681.00.

Why did Greg Steenson prepare these spreadsheets if he, Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja did not profit from the scheme?

Another important aspect of this spreadsheet is that we know that the other investors got their money back.  If the other investors got their money back, you can bet that Ana Franklin, Steven Ziaja, and Greg Steenson got their money back.

If you go back to page one you will also note that Pressley and Hudson also received 45% interest for their investment.  While Reggie, Venegoni, Reese, and Bones only received 22% interest for their investment.

The scheme must have gone on for three months.  Based on page 1 and 2 of the spreadsheet Hudson received a 45% percent on one investment and a 22% investment on another investment.  Pressley must have played three times because he received a 45% interest twice and a 22% interest on another investment.  The same goes for Reggie's mother and John Venegoni they both received 22% interest on two of their investments and an 11% on another investment.

Reese and Wilder appeared to have played twice once receiving a 22% investment and an 11% investment on another.

There were several other people who invested in the scheme that is not on page number 1 and 2, to include Deputy Blake Robinson.


  1. "Greg Steenson prepared spreadsheets"
    You sure put a lot of faith in the word of a convicted felon, liar, and thief. I guess you'll accept what he says as "evidence".

  2. Just when is someone going to hold these crooks accountable including the idiot who is commenting trying to back the flop of a Sheriff? The commenter needs to be jailed for stupid almost as bad as the sheriff and those involved with her for the crimes they have done.

  3. My goodness, reading comprehension sure is lacking tonight. Slow down, take a breath, read my comment. There's absolutely nothing in there about the sheriff. Please explain why I should believe every word of Greg Steenson's personal ledger.
    You must believe him to be the most honest felon around.

  4. How do you know Steenson prepared this document? It doesn't say anywhere on it that he prepared it. Oh I know, osmosis.

    1. Scroll to the top, count to the 6th paragraph, start reading. You'll notice Glenda says "Why did Greg Steenson prepare these spread sheets."
      You might want to start reading the posts before commenting.

  5. I read the post with extreme clarity. Just because Glenda says it, does that make it the truth. Where does it say on the DOCUMENT Steenson prepared it. It doesn't. Just more lies from Glenda.

  6. Interesting, hand writing matches the deposit slip that you posted about when priceville partners received the $150,000 from Ana. I imagine if they wanted to prove it, they could get a hand writing analyst to take a look at it.

  7. OMG...losers in trouble is all I can say...thieves and thugs trying to make a fortune off Morgan County tax payers dollars...the majority of the public is not buying into it...try another avenue.