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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sheriff Franklin’s court hearing postponed

Blogger Comments:  As we have said before if Ana's lips are moving she's lying.  We happen to have typed and handwritten notes on Sheriff Franklin's investment to Performance Auto Sales.  Ana's take was 45% interest. So! Why has the money just now been paid back?  The same goes for Steven Ziaja.  He was also paid back.  The below documents have been sanitized.

Each of you know how to read.  You can see by Performance Auto documents that Ana was scheduled to receive 45% interest.  We believe she received her 45% and more in July 2015.  

We also believe she received are August payment as well.  Looks like Ana and Ziaja were both making money. By the way Bones Wilson seemed to profit as well just not at 45% interest.

What will Ana's next lie reveal?

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin (left) had her court hearing that was set for last Thursday postponed. | Enquirer file photo

Published 12:51 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Lauren Estes
Hartselle Enquirer
The recent court hearing for Sheriff Ana Franklin in relation to her use of $150,000 from the inmate food fund was postponed until April.
Franklin said although there are many aspects of the situation she can’t share for legality purposes, but the money was initially moved in good faith.
“Right now, we are the middle of different motions, hearings and briefs and have all that to process through,” Franklin said. “As of right now there’s been another hearing involving oral arguments scheduled for April 14. That will be the next step in the process. As far as I know, it will be open to the public. Tentatively, it will be in Decatur, but everything is subject to change between the attorneys. We thought we were having a phone conference on Thursday as well as a hearing, but both of those were cancelled.”
Franklin shared in an interview to the Hartselle Enquirer on Friday although she did remove the $150,000 from the excess food account to invest it in Priceville Partners, LLC in June of 2015, she planned to get the money back 30 days later. Franklin did have connections with the business. She said she knew several people who worked there, including her daughter.
“In 2015, I had a reduction of federal inmates in the jail and a huge increase in our county and state inmates, Franklin said. “So, I had a loss in our food account almost every month for a total of over $20,000 for that year. So, when I had an opportunity to take some of the money that had accumulated through other years from that account and it return with interest, I thought that at the time it would be a good investment. The money was slated to come back within 30 days, which was from my excess account, and the interest, which was 17 percent of the amount, would return to that account too. Unfortunately, the business went bankrupt, since that time, the money has been restored and the loan has been repaid. The original principal is back in the loan, and it took me time to get that money back. I got the money back in December of 2016 and took it out in June of 2015. The business, Priceville Partners, filed for bankruptcy early in 2016.”
Franklin said she believes that situations like this often are drawn in negative light simply because not all the facts are on display.
“One of the other things that is difficult about these issues- anytime you’re in this type of position, like a sheriff- there are these types of legal situations where lawsuits are filed and the public can’t be informed because I can’t speak about it until after the case is over with,” Franklin said. “The other side gets to say whatever they want to and the public is left to only hear the points that ware raised, which are often negative and many of them are not fair or accurate.”
According to Franklin, the only money she receives for the inmates is through the state for state inmates is $1.75, per person, per day, and while hosting federal inmates, she receives additional money at $3.00, per person, per day.
“In a simple way of putting it, the state municipality pays the sheriff individually for the feeding of the inmates, the County Commission does not have the food budget for inmates,” Franklin said. “There is no money sent to the jail budget by our County Commission to feed inmates, it is strictly a personal duty and responsibility of the sheriff of each county unless they have a resolution by the county. The bills that come in for the food are mine personally and I have to pay them. Each sheriff, when they come into the office has to set up their own kitchen. When you have an excess fund, that money is in a personal account. The food excess account is my personal account with my name and social security account number there. There has never been one penny spent by me personally, all though legally I believe it could have been.”
Morgan County Commission Chairman Ray Long said Franklin gets money for many aspects of the Sheriff’s Department, but not for inmate’s food.
“Not for inmates, she gets money from the state for that,” Long said. “Decatur city pays and other cities pay for different things but, no, we don’t budget any money for inmate food.”
Franklin said, according to state law, the money left over from the inmate fund is hers.
“If you can mange your food account well, and you have a little left over, we are paid basically for managing that account. Yes, it is tax payers dollars, but they are paid directly to the sheriff- the ability to make some money that is considered part of your salary,” Franklin said. “I know folks don’t see that as right, but that is what happens. For instance, I make $68,000 a year. In 2015, I lost $20,000 in having to pay in on the food account so, in all I made $48,000. If you make $20,000 in surplus, then you add that to your personal salary.”
Franklin said that if she was being investigated for malnutrition of the inmates, then that is what would be the subject of scrutiny.
“What has been so upsetting for me in all of this is that we have been monitored and inspected since I have been sheriff by the Southern Center, in accordance to the consent degree, and received voluntary inspections by the national jail institute. We were the first county and one of two that now have nationally jail standards,” Franklin said. “Our food and our menus are approved by a nutritionist and each month that they have come in and cited that I am feeding too large of portions and needing to cut portions back. I’ve said we are going to feed these people correctly. Out of the complaints that the Southern Center cited, if you serve 1.2 million meals- in doing the math, it is 0.000194 complaints versus meals served. I don’t feel that that show a pattern of gross negligence. Around 90 percent of the inmates that stayed 90 days or more have actually gained weight in our jail.”
Franklin went on to say that the consent decree given to former Sheriff Greg Bartlett should not be applied to Franklin because of different circumstances.
“In the six years that I have had the jail I have only fed a nutritionally balanced meals, all this comparison to something that happened with Greg Bartlett just can’t be compared,” Franklin said. “When he violated it and fed corndogs for an extended period of time, he was held in contempt of the decree and his purge was his offering to no longer keep the excess food money. The difference in sheriff Bartlett situation, in one year Bartlett made $98,000 when he kept the food money. In the year I took it, I lost over $20,000 and I was trying re-coop some of the losses. He was held in contempt for violating the act from 2001 stating that the meals have to be a balanced, nutritious meal and I have not violated it. I understand that it was for me and any other sheriff until which time it is removed. “
“For the public I will guarantee, that if we had not we been not been feeding the inmates right, that would be the issue you’d been hearing,” Franklin said. “Since I’ve been sheriff, we’ve been running the jail in a constitutional manner, we have tried to treat everyone humanly and correctly as possible. So, yes, it’s my account and personally, what many people don’t understand- if there’s a food law or costs go up, then we are personally responsible as sheriffs for that as well. In 2015 and 2016, I had a short fall that was not counting the 150k that was removed. There’s a political agenda right now and that’s why all of this is coming out. People have to have a scandal, that’s what is truly behind this. People behind the whistleblower blog are pushing to get me out of office and pushing to get this in court. So far, all that has been painted is one-sided and it makes me look like I’m treating people badly and that’s just not the case. We have a situation sometimes where things get printed on the parts that sound the worst, rather than making light of all the information, and it’s very upsetting for me personally.”


  1. Oh please cry me a river. A political agenda?? Really? The whistleblower is out to get me. Let's try this. First the good sheriff said her investment in the car lot came from personal savings and her retirement funds. Then it changed to some FDIC limit stuff then to ok I took the left over money because state law says I can and I don't agree with the federal court order. And going back to her first run at Sheriff that she would never take the food money and be the most transparent sheriff ever. Well she took the money and is refusing an open records request to see the account transactions. That's not even close to being transparent. When an office holder refuses an open records request guess what voters: THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE. Political agenda?? Good grief!! Yet I will note that the good sheriff has never given a reason why she has given different versions as to why she took the money. She will blame everybody that ran against her will run against her to who voted against her to who has anything to say against her because it is all one big conspiracy. No basis to even question what she has done even with all the different and deceptive reasons that's been given to the public she serves. It changes weekly Where there is smoke there is fire and a fire brigade could get worn out with this fire. The spin zone is alive and well people.

  2. Hey, Glenda, you keep repeating yourself. I'll repeat something...if Judge Kallon rules according to State Law, absolutely none of that matters.

  3. Oh yes it matters...her and any other law enforcement officer participating in a ponzi scheme should not be wearing a badge nor running our county.

  4. This quote in the article is very upsetting There has never been one penny spent by me personally, all though legally I believe it could have been.”
    Liar is all I can comment...

  5. Lost 20K? Please tell the truth...just once. First it was retirement and savings...I am so sorry we voted for you.

  6. Ok I am really confused looking at the paperwork for the investment. There was 150000.00 check, 165375.00 cash, and then another 217500.00 cash this equals 532875.00. How in the world did Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin get this kind of money only making 68000.00 per year as our elected sheriff.Also I thought that any cash transaction 10000.00 or more has to be reported to the IRS.
    This is smelling more and more like there are stolen vehicles involved ( probably from the impounded cars that are supposed to be auctioned off and belong to Morgan County where are all the vehicles that have been impounded since Ana Franklin took office?) Also sounds like some drug money involved to much to make one a few cars.

    Also I am ashamed of Ray Long, Randy Vest, Don Stisher, Greg Abercrombie and Jeff Clark these guys are our county commissioners. How can this much taxpayers money be missing and no one knows it is gone. But now it's back or is it? Where is all this money bouncing to and from? State and local law enforcement officials making a 45% return on their investment from a convicted felon stinks to high heaven!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ray Long isn't going to stick his neck out. He is scared to death of Franklin. If he had been doing his job and reviewing the sheriffs records he would have know she was milking the cow dry. Get rid of all of then. Tell me why the DA has set back like a little coward and let the sheriff get away with her crimes. Can we trust any of the elected people in the county?

  8. Where is the the sniveling POS Ziaja in the comments and why is he hanging out at the Drug Task Force. I thought he was working in Lawrence County. Does his boss know where he is? He and Ana made a killing off the Title Marts. Why is he still employed at ALEA.

  9. Because The Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency is more corrupt than everyone of them put together.Luther Strange and the state refused to touch this.

    1. First of all,Ziaja has no intention of leaving.He does not have to.His boss,John Venegoni,is also heavily involved in this ponzi scheme.Also it has been said for years, that the federal drug task force team that Franklin and Ziaja are members of has been stealing drug bust money.There is more than one cookie jar where Franklin and Ziaja are involved.Keep in mind that Ziaja is broke.Franklin has cleaned him out.I believe that he and Venegoni are trying to build up a nest egg before the "Poop" hits the fan. A.G.Strange was as corrupt as anyone can be,and the ALEA was his goon squad.I know things that would make a persons hair stand on end.Franklin and Ziaja are very sick,twisted people.This Title Marts thing is just a drop in the bucket.

  10. Time is over I don't lie 4 different times as where the money came from. If it was an innocent investment like you quoted in the Hartselle Enquirer interview with Lauren Estes...why LIE?

  11. Seems to me that Ana should not let down all the special needs kids planning on attending her rodeo in 2 weeks and give that responsibility to someone else. They are counting on a good the right thing...step down

  12. By no means am I a juror or the judge...but Franklin's business practices seem unethical, and 'gangersterish' ..elected officials have a social and moral responsibility to adhere to proper rules of conduct
    ..however, in the American criminal justice system, a defendant is...

  13. So if honest people know stuff that would make their hair stand up why are they no reporting it? People need to stand up or let corrupt people like this Sheriff of Morgan County get away with all. STAND UP!