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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sheriff Ana Franklin speaking with a forked tongue

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Well! There you go again, Ana.  Speaking with a forked tongue.  Franklin has been all over Trump and Session's kissing butt.  If you don't believe that Franklin has been all over picking up and helping ICE with illegal immigrants you do not live in Morgan County, Alabama and you do not know Sheriff Franklin.  We do not have an opinion either way on the immigration issues. However, if Franklin is going to comment on the Daily she should at least tell the truth.  Franklin treats the illegal immigrant inmates the same way she treats all other inmates except for her special friend and family inmates, and the work release inmates that are in jail for drug distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking.  The inmates of choice to walk the streets and roads of Morgan County on work release.

Once illegal immigrants are placed in the Morgan County jail Franklin does not pay the interpreter to aid and assist the inmates with the language barrier. Since taking office in January 2011 we can't think of anything that has been on Franklin's front burner except for cheating the sheriff's office employees out of hard-earned pay, putting her favorites first, playing cowgirl queen with the posse events, taking inmate food funds and posse funds, getting rid of as many of the long-term employees as possible, and destroying the sheriff's office.  Franklin is a coward and leaves Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett to meet with investigative agencies because she can't face them.  Guilt and embarrassment will do that to you.  Franklin has been a smooth talker up until she was busted for corruption and she still can't stop talking to the media as if she has been a hands-on sheriff.

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily Article on Immigration:  Immigration on the back burner for local law enforcement

  • By Evan Belanger Staff Writer
  • Updated 
Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said she would look into it, but “at this point, that’s not something that’s on the front burner.”
Authorized in 1996, 287(g) is a voluntary program. Portillo said departments do not get compensated for participating.
Participating officers receive four weeks of training — and a one-week refresher course every two years — in immigration law, use of the ICE database, multicultural communication and avoidance of racial profiling. They are then delegated authority to enforce immigration law through a memorandum of understanding with ICE.
Regardless of participation in 287(g), ICE has started issuing more detainers for undocumented immigrants at the Morgan County Jail since Trump took office.
Franklin said the sheriff’s office notifies ICE when it gets a hit on a federal immigration database during bookings. The number of hits has remained consistent, she said, but ICE has issued detainers for at least four inmates in the past several weeks, she said.
“Prior to that, it has been years since we had anybody picked up,” she said.
An ICE detainer requests a local department to hold the suspect for 48 hours, giving ICE an opportunity to take the suspect into custody. or 256-340-2439. Twitter @evanbelanger.

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