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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rick Sherman

Rick you are a great American.  The people who are posting nasty comments about you and your family are cowards.  You have worked very hard and brought in a lot of credible information to the blog.  Maybe now the cowards will leave you and your family alone. Thank you very much for all the hard work.

As all the name callers and nay sayers want to comment and make remarks and call out folks. Just realize I had no problem doing what I was not letting folks know what I had to say. I have very few comments on here at all. Much of the latest comments where people assume it is me are simply wrong as they all to often were. Regardless I also posted this on my facebook. In many ways I believe the blog may have past its prime in the big scheme of things as there is no stopping what is to come at this point. I have not been recently on this blog and not will I be no matter how hard anyone tries to bait me. The fraud waste and abuse as well as all the corruption will soon end. The Sheriffs Office and its employees who remain will be able to stand tall. Most will be held accountable. Not sure what I will be doing I do hope the best for all involved under the circumstances, please know it's not just words when I say you all are in my prayers.

I have had a long relaxing weekend with Melanie Long and others. Great get away on the motorcycle. Tennessee is always beautiful. Lake Guntersville is also a nice place where we started before taking off for Monteagle Tn. and Fall Creek Falls. Jim Olivers Smokehouse was awesome as always.

Lots of time to think and regroup. Switching gears and changing directions a little with some things that were beyond my control. I will always stand for what is true just and right but do so a little differently now. Significant change is soon coming to Morgan County. It's a very sad state of affairs that this county is in with all the criminal actions taking place and those that have occurred by so many with badges and those who still stand with her.

My usefulness to the has come to an end. Glenda and her blog did worlds of good at exposing corruption and I was happy to be a part of exposing this corruption with her as she allowed and so glad to work with anyone and everyone I have for so long. It was inspiring to see so many other employees stand up and do the right thing to help bring all this corruption to an end.

I am still here to talk with about all of this but if anyone wants the whistleblower or the blog that would be Glenda and her blog. Thank you so much to everyone who was so very devoted in helping. The change we so desperately needed with much of this is coming regardless of what any of us or a blog does at this point. It is far from over but the end is certainly closer. Prayers for all involved in all of this. I will still be involved in different areas but not as a whistleblower. If any of you want to talk with Glenda Lockhart I will share that information with you as I always have or you can always email her at

To all the Deputies and other employees, the end of this is so close now. Please stay the coarse and know that there are many out here who know the struggles you are going through and how hard it has become. Many have left and more are leaving who are and were very good employees. I hope this soon stops as the good employees need to stay, they will soon be needed to rebuild this Sheriffs Office and assist with whoever the Sheriff and powers to be will be. Be careful, stay safe, and know there is more and more every day who see the truth.

Although I fail miserably everyday I believe in God, family, work, and play in that order and with these changes I am certain I can get closer to those things I believe in so strongly and be the man I should be. Stay safe and strong as we stay the course.

Rick Sherman


  1. Too bad that he let Glenda Lockhart ruin any chance he had of working in law enforcement around here.

  2. Ana supporters...the very few left pipe it