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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Interesting and telling comment.

Reader comments that are interesting ,   

   I honestly feel sorry for the main two on this site Glenda and Rick. One of them can't or won't look for employment because he truly believes that very soon he will be patrolling the streets in a morgan county sheriffs patrol car again. He has no money of his own, no vehicle of his own, no home of his own, nothing.... he has nothing. He depends on others to take care of him. Glenda, had contracts with the government and last I checked she will no longer be accepted to do business with government agencies due to her public negativity. This is juvenile actions taken by grown adults. This is what you call juvenile. Take ownership for your actions. Be descent human beings, please!

  So, whoever said this you must absolutely be right there in the middle of this as very few people knew that the government files were part of the things illegally taken from the business and turned over to the DOL. There was an investigation.  There has been no work stoppage.   And your information on this subject is obviously wrong.  Despite the best efforts of Ana and those with her.   
  In fact it's been a relief hearing this as it is more than obvious that once this situation is resolved the voice of this anonymous person making these comments will likely be silenced by the actions of the court.  

  This is obviously one of the people who took part in the thieft of the hard copy files and electronic files and forwarded them to the DOL.   These comments also will also be forwarded to the DOL proving the vengeance and attempts to silence the whistleblowers.  


  1. There is NO threat in the comment whatsoever first and foremost. Secondly everything that was stated about Glenda was in the news at some point or another. Please forward it because they will laugh at you. You are just mad because I am fully capable of doing research and digging as well or better than you are. Dang it you thought you were the best. I can't wait for this. I'm popping the popcorn as I'm typing.

    1. I look forward to court proceedings, just a perfect time for a countersuit, I have MANY people willing to join.

    2. Enjoy your popcorn and any other fetishes as it is plain to see you are one of them who stands to lose your freedom. All these negative comments you have about those on this site. This site has provided loads of proof of what they have said and it seems it is being verified by other media and the obvious lies and admissions of the sheriff. Where is your proof. Seems you are not able to prove or provide proof of your opinions and claims. The public is talking. As I travel with work I have heard several comments about the corrupt Sheriff and Luther Strange even outside this state. Those are not verified and may not be true. How do you explain the canceled checks and several various lies the sheriff came out with and then admitted she lied before and did take the money. I for one of many see what is being proved. I see the many who will talk very highly of those you are trying to trash. They proved their points and provided proof. Juvenile desperate diversion is all you are doing. You are not as good as Ana Franklin at that. She fooled many for a long time till this site showed everyone the truth. Give your fight up as it is known by so many who know that you are desperate and failing to prove anything. If anything you are vindicating those on this site prior to any of the criminals in the sheriffs office being put behind bars. Its sad as many did have hope. Women in the workplace and police everywhere should be as ashamed at your efforts as they are the criminals wearing badges.

    3. Fetishes? Really? You call yourself an adult yet your comments are so juvenile? I've never said I believe the things and words Ana do and speak are truth or the correct way to do things. What I have wrote is truth though. Good luck with your witch hunt, I hope all goes well for you guys. I also hope after the hearing if Ana is found doing no wrong, you guys get real jobs (getting paid) and stop with the negativity. Rick' s hatred comes from his own wrong doings and Glenda's hatred comes from her son's wrong doing. Do the right thing and there will be no need for y'all being angry.

    4. How did this work out. Seems this negative person was very wrong! Ana was found guilty! Hmmm!

  2. What a bunch of hillbilly rogue cops with badges who they should not be wearing. They are going to sink with the ship...fight for someone who has cheated this county and inmates out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. My suggestion to the few supporters left is you seek other employment before the ship sinks.