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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Reader comment

A comment I felt worthy of reposting.

  1. I generally keep quiet, keep to myself, etc. God says to be responsible for me, but me means those I love, me means, what I believe in, and me means, my well being. I have never been arrested, not ticketed, and appreciate law enforcement, because honestly I couldn't do it. But, I certainly appreciate them. We need an upstanding leader. Ana, I've actually seen your wrong doing, but I pray for you.I don't have a Dog in the fight, don't want too. Honey, my elders told me to pick your battles. You've lost this one. You can try to do right now, but you've hurt many in 6 years. Why did you let that money get to you. I always say, use your energy to do the best of things, instead of wasting it on covering up what you did wrong.

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