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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Our response to Mrs. Lawrimore Comment Below

Blogger Comments:  One would not expect you to understand the difference between right and wrong.  This has nothing to do with Republican/Democratic politics.  Ms. Lawrimorethere is something inherently wrong with a person who thinks that it is OK to place people in jail and then fail to feed them nutritional meals, medical care, and administer prescriptions as prescribed by the inmate’s physician.  The jail system as a required dietary guideline set up by a Federal Court Decree.  The Decatur Daily is just reporting the facts.  I am a little amazed that you do not understand that.  

This has nothing to do with racist actions.  Racism is what one does to another person through prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.  If I am not mistaken Sheriff Franklin and Greg Bartlett are both white in color.  It has been my experience that the Daily is not racist, nor does racism play a part in the articles, editorials reported by the Decatur Daily, and our blog posts.

Sometimes it is easier to criticize vice conducting you’re on research, and maybe even reading the consent decrees before making a broad statement such as your comment below.  

Karen Vinson Lawrimore I don't understand what Decatur Daily has against Morgan Co Sheriffs. Greg Bartlett and Sheriff Ana Franklin are thier main focus on the food deal. I guess maybe it's because the are republicans and Decatur Daily is demarcated. Please grow up Daily. Stop being racist against Republicans .


  1. Let me share another comment Mrs. Lawrimore made on someone's facebook..."My understanding she gave them the reports they wanted she has a nutrionist for the prisoners. If not that they are not being feed. She just does what most of us women do. Shop for Bargains. I do it every time I go to the grocery store. If I can save a penny I will. Like I said it's a bonus just like everyone gets at work. That's like telling your boss. Don't give my Christmas bonus give it back to the customers. Would any of you do that? I wouldnt."

    How many of you understand that Mrs. Lawrimore's thoughts are similar to Ms. Franklin's thoughts??? There is a difference between shopping for your own family and shopping in an official position with a federal decree in place...

    In an official position you can shop for bargains, but what difference does it make in the fact the left over money STILL goes to the prisoners...not a Christmas Bonus as Mrs. Lawrimore and Ana this case my dear, it does indeed go back to the "Customers," to keep selfish, unethical, immoral, folks that have no principles out of the cookie jar. Tell me, why did your business fail my dear? Did Ana not give you enough money, most likely it was because she was taking most of the "Christmas bonus" as you so ignorantly commented.

    Additionally, Ana did provide some substantial a degree. The $160,000 Cullman account is...well, partial satification. But in a evidentiary process what will it show? The checks she signed over to the title mart in June 2015. If I were a judge, I'd certainly want to see more. I want to see the previous accounts, credits and debits, since that period of time and perhaps prior. I want to see EVERYTHING, because when you make a new account with the perfect $160,000 in it to another county...It raises MORE questions. Especially when you do such a thing because questions are being asked and you are not providing open public accounts requests per law requirements.

    Keep in mind, yes, the state of Alabama does allow sheriff's to keep left over monies from inmate food accounts.

    Specifically, this applies to 66 out of 67 counties...

    The difference is Morgan County, the difference is because they understand and have proof that our county has a problem, "they" is our federal government, whom will and can trump state law when necessary. No, they shouldn't be involved, but Ana and alike cause it. When big brother has to smack that hand that gets into the cookie jar, sometimes it's necessary. It's our tax dollars and hard earned money to and for HUMANE justice, that seems to be going into the pockets of people we voted for and trusted. They go on vacations, using the " Christmas bonus." Because heaven forbid, "who would give it back to their customers," Mrs. Lawrimore "wouldnt?" Mrs. Lawrimore, let me remind you, America was built on, giving back to the customer and if you and others would show more compassion toward our prisoners it would possibly sustain more of a rehabilitation factor for them then ever. You did let them work at your garage and towing company, but it was indeed for your and Ana's benefit, not theirs.

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