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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Morgan County Judge Haddock Appointed to the Alabama Court of Judiciary

Blogger Comments:  Gee we can think of a local judge who used Sheriff Ana Franklin's inmates to work at her house.  That would be Sheriff Ana Franklin's side kick Judge Jennifer Howell.

Judge Steven Haddock appointed to state Court of the Judiciary By Keith Clines Staff Writer Feb 28, 2017

Morgan County Circuit Court Judge Steven Haddock has been appointed to the Alabama Court of the Judiciary, which has the power to remove, suspend or censure other state judges.
The court hears evidence filed by the Judicial Inquiry Commission charging state judges with violating judicial ethics, misconduct, dereliction of duty, or with a physical or mental inability to perform duties.
A judge punished by the court can appeal the decision to the Alabama Supreme Court.
Haddock is one of two circuit judges on the nine-member court. He was appointed to the court in January by the Alabama Circuit Judges’ Association.
The court’s chief judge is an appellate court judge, other than a Supreme Court judge, chosen by the state Supreme Court. The other members are a district judge, two members of the state bar, two persons who are not lawyers appointed by the governor, and one person appointed by the lieutenant governor.
The court last year suspended Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore for the remainder of his term for ordering the state’s probate judges to ignore a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. Moore is appealing the ruling. or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_KeithClines.

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