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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Money Talks

Folks, we want each person reading and commenting on the blog to know that Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has some fine, clerks, corrections officers, and deputies.  You can't judge the entire workforce by a few troubled employees and leaders.  We are talking about both Berzett's, both Goodwin's, Bones Wilson, Ron Livingston, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and the leader of the pack Sheriff Ana Franklin.

The employees of the sheriff's office are the fabric that holds the sheriff’s office together.  Unfortunately, some of the leaders are corrupt.  Or they are cowards such as the Chief Deputy who sits back and watches all this mess go down and thinks that none of it will affect him.  The fact is Corley sat back and watched a lot of good men and women being forced out or fired from their positions without standing up for them.  Good job Corley.

Getting back to Franklin and the inmate food account.  We know and have people who can testify to the fact that the kitchen staff was only allowed to use state food funds to feed the inmates.  No fresh vegetables were fed to the inmates, only canned and frozen foods.  The only fruit that was purchased was apples and bananas.  Everything else was off limits because Franklin said it cost too much.  What happened to the Federal inmate money?  From December 1, 2011, through May 31, 2014, the Food and Service Allowance Funds had $788,373.00 in the account.  If we divide $788,373.00 into 30 months that comes up to $26,279.00.  We are told by credible sources that Franklin would only allow the corrections officers to the kitchen to spend $17,000.00 per month on food.  That should leave $9,279.00 in the bank each month.  As of May 30, 2014, the account should have had $278,307.00 in the account.  The account had $199,204.82 in the account.  What happened to the $79,103.00 that should have been in the account?  Why wasn't the Federal Money used to assist in feeding the inmates?  

From June 1, 2014 - May 30, 2015, the inmate food account should have been able to use the carryover funds identified by State Audit of the Inmate Food ending May 30, 2014, or $199,204.72 plus the additional state deposits of $26,279.00 each month.  The $199,204.72 plus $26,279.00 for the 12-month time frame totals $514,552.00 as of June 1, 2015,.  When Ana withdrew the $160,000.00 the account should have a remaining balance of $354,552.00.  From June 2, 2015 - September 30, 2015, assuming Franklin continued feeding the inmates approximately $17,000.00 per months there should have been approximately $303,522.00 at the beginning of the new Fiscal year October 1, 2015.  Our understanding is that there was roughly $60,000.00 in the inmate food account.        

The Federal Inmate Fund has $1,388,483.19. If none of the Federal Inmate Funds was used to feed the inmates where did all the money go?  The state closed their audit on May 30, 2014, at that time there was only $37,604.94 in the Federal Inmate account.  The feds deposited approximately $46,282.77 into the sheriff’s office account every month.  Where did all the money go?

The pistol permit fund had a whopping $804,300.00 that had been moved prior to the audit.  We know it takes a lot of money to run a jail, feed, and house the inmates, cleaning supplies, equipment, and other materials but if you have someone taking the money as quickly as it is coming you will have a shortfall.

Just these three funds total over $3 million.  Add in the dozen or so other sheriff’s funds and you get enough cash to run a small town for a year.  And We the Sheeple turn all this over to a person who should be wearing a dunce cap instead of a sheriff’s uniform?   What were we thinking?  And why are we surprised?

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