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Friday, March 31, 2017

Maybe the Love Gov and Sheriff Franklin Both Have Something to Hide

Blogger Comment:  The Truth.  He doesn't want the public to know how many melons he groped and how much money he spent on his honey. Not to mention the misuse of State Resources to cover for his butt and his honey.  Like Franklin the Love Gov has spent far more money and wasted far more resources that the public is aware of.  Franklin has falling in and out of LUV several times as well, does that make her the Love Sheriff.  Bet the inmates don't think so.  

Bentley lawyer: Impeachment investigation 'off the rails"
Associated Press                  
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Gov. Robert Bentley has filed an emergency request with an impeachment committee to stop the group's special counsel from releasing a report next week and pushing for a quick impeachment vote.

Attorney Ross Garber said Thursday he is asking the Alabama House Judiciary Committee to "take control of an investigation that has gone off the rails."

Garber said committee counsel Jack Sharman has "hijacked this investigation." Sharman told the governor's attorneys he would release his investigative report April 7 and that the House would tentatively vote on impeachment in May.

Garber said the process is unfair and gives the governor inadequate opportunity to respond or cross-examine witnesses before the committee.

Bentley has faced an impeachment push over a sex-tinged scandal involving his relationship with a former aide.

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