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Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

From Anonymous 

To Whistleblowers/Fired, disgruntled ex-employers/adulterers/wife beaters/braindamaged/shoplifters/alcoholic/sheriff wanttabes/scorned wives. 
This blog is written to the public in hopes of informing the public of wrongdoing, you should write about each other, you'd have plenty to say instead of the lies you spread. What a bunch of losers! 

Blogger Comments:  Wow! We are some messed up people.  You forgot the guy that Jodi King Wilson called the retarded boy when she is talking to Bones and Ana.  It is a shame that Franklin must use you to fight her battles. Did you mean ex-employees vice ex-employers?  Sad that you call a person who suffered a severe injury brain damaged.  By the way, brain damaged is two words. 

I would rather be anyone of us than the person who wrote the Anonymous comment above.  We realize that this is the mentality of the persons Franklin surrounds herself with.  We may be losers in the minds of people who have the perception that they are better than losers such as us.  We will wear our loser appellation as a badge of honor. 

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