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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is Ziaja suffering from the lovesick blues

Since Steve Ziaja and Sheriff Ana Franklin became an item during the 2010 run for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office we have heard rumor after rumor about the amount of money Ziaja spent on Franklin, the love of his life.  The campaign, the fitness center business, and the Title Mart investments all claimed to take up a large portion of his cash assets. 

We can't help but wonder how much of those Ziaja self-started rumors are true.  We know for a fact that Ziaja did not invest over $800,000.00 in the title marts, or Franklin's runs for sheriff, and that the gym that he allegedly bought for Franklin.  We have been told by a credible source close to Ziaja that his inheritance was not made up of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash; that most his inheritance was made up of property.  
We know that Ziaja took out or borrowed a whopping $145,000.00 from Stanley Morgan during late 2015, check written on Wachovia Bank to invest in the Title Marts.  Did Ziaja deplete the rest of his cash funds to invest in the Title Mart? 

The market value for Franklin and Ziaja’s business venture in the Family Fitness Center on 3110 Highway 31 South in Decatur was valued at $37,278.00 in 2010 and the market values in 2012 were $42,869.00.  The venture did not last long and was a conflict of interest from the startup of the business.  Especially since some of the sheriff’s office employees helped Franklin out in the business and were encouraged to buy a membership. 

Along with the loan he took out in December 2016, Ziaja probably doesn’t have anything left. 

Ziaja is probably still singing the lovesick blues.

Hank Williams: Lovesick Blues

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