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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Greg Steenson

We have recently spoken to an individual who got involved with Greg Steenson after Steenson got out of jail and before he became involved with Performance Auto Sales.  So far it appears that Greg Steenson loves to make deals with the elderly.  Deals set up to cheat elderly people out of their money.  The person said that they gave Steenson over $400,000.00 for a business venture that included FEMA trailers and much more.  Steenson claimed to have purchased 800 FEMA trailers, 28 Grady White Boats, and much more.  If he did purchase these items he sure as heck did not pay the $400,000.00 back.  Sound familiar?  The person never received a dime back of his investments. Steenson always leaves a paper trail.  First $10,000.00 then $20,000.00, and eventually the elderly are sucked in and lose hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

It's time to put a stop to Greg Steenson, Steven Ziaja, and Sheriff Ana Franklin's corruption. In the case mentioned above, it appears that Steenson preys on the elderly.  Ziaja is a coward who allowed Ana to play in his booger patch so long that he lost all his money, mortgaged his property, and cash in his investment funds, all for the love of Ana. Ziaja and Ana have been in close contact recently; it is sad that Ziaja just can't let go. 

How did Steenson, Ziaja, and Ana pull off their scheme with the Title Mart?  How did Ana come away with a white Sundown horse trailer, a tractor, and a white dually that have never been paid for?  Franklin claims she never received payment back from Performance Auto Sales.  If that is the case how did Ana replace all the money that was taken from the Food fund?  We think that most of the money came from Ziaja. Ana and Ziaja can lie until the cows come up but per Steenson's handwritten notes they did not lose in their schemes. 

When Steenson began his scheme with Performance Auto Sales he started buying FEMA trailers.  Or, was this FEMA trailers left over from the $400,000.00 scheme between prison and Performance Auto Sales?  Or, was this newly obtained FEMA trailers? 

So, who bought the red and the white roll off tow trucks, and where are they now? 

Greg Steenson did not lose money and his handwritten notes reflect that Ana and Ziaja did not lose money either.

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