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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Franklin is in town and more

Reader Comment:

What I cannot believe is that no accountability esist to follow up on all the taxpayers money. All sources of money. All items taken in impounded cars etc. Where are they where did they go? Why is this continuing commissioners should get involved 

Blogger Comment:

Unfortunately, the county commission can't do anything to Franklin.  She has more power than they do.  Franklin has promoted people into positions that do not exist with no extra pay.  It may surprise you that you can't promote employees into positions that do not exists unless you happen to be Franklin.

1 comment:

  1. Yes the commissioners can do something. They have the duty to publicly ask the state to step in and audit all the money flowing in and out of the sheriff office. They have the official duty to fund the needs of the Sheriff department on behalf of Morgan County. They also have the duty to make sure it is used for the purpose designated. If there is enough money to keep throwing it away and people making making money (personal gain). Then the commissioners should pull public funding. Sounds like they can do without it. Mr. Long, Mr Vest, Mr Clark, Mr Stisher, and Mr Abercrombie. You should be ashamed.