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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Franklin is in town and more

Franklin showed up for the Morgan County Republican meeting last night.  For any of you that though she would cover some of her concerns about the jail, the move to the new jail, and fighting for pay raises for the MCSO employees you will be disappointed.  Well! Probably not.  We all know that Ana is about Ana only. The only thing she was interested in was her adventures to D.C. and her interaction with Jeff Sessions.

If Session knew the bull Franklin has pulled over the past six years he would not get within a mile of her.  Franklin and her coven are probably busy right now trying to clean up the mess they have made with the inmate food funds.  The same way they did when they raided Bradley and Lockhart’s home and or business.  Franklin’s coven believes everything Franklin says without any research to prove their point.

A lot of money has been made for the sheriff’s office since Franklin was elected and she has been busy spending it.  It disgusts us to hear Franklin spread her stories of deceit and lies.  What is as disgusting is the Franklin believers that accept everything Franklin says without a doubt.

It must be a grand life to live with your head in the sand.  Raise your families on peanuts while the sheriff lives her life traveling around the U.S. making believe she is innocent of things bad that has happened to the sheriff’s office since she took office.

A few questions for the coven is as follows:

Do you believe the sheriff has run the MCSO with full transparency?

Do you believe that she and Berzett are innocent of taking posse/rodeo funds that should have gone to the special needs and the sheriff’s office?

Do you believe that each of the reserve officers aka posse/rodeo members bought all their riding gear and clothing for the posse?

Do you believe that it is OK for the sheriff to invest in a business with a known felon?

Do you believe that Franklin had no clue who Steenson was before entering an investment with him?

Do you believe that it was OK for Franklin to allow some of her employees to invest in the company that was run by a felon?
Do you believe that it is OK from Franklin to profess to have enough corrections office to operate the facility 24X7 without adequate staff to ensure the safety of the corrections officers and the inmates?

Do you believe that is acceptable to taze compliant inmates multiple times while they are on the ground?

Do you believe that it is OK to feed inmates less than nutritional meals?

Do you believe that it is OK for the sheriff to prescribe what she believes is the appropriate medicine for inmate’s vice what their personal doctor prescribed?

Do you believe that it is OK for the medical staff to provide inmates with their preferred medicine vice what their personal doctor prescribed?

Do you believe that it is OK for the sheriff to order road deputies into work 30 to 45 minutes before their shift starts without paying them?

Do you believe that it is OK that there aren’t enough road deputies on the road to support and back up the deputies?

Do you believe that it is OK for the sheriff to blatantly lie to the public and the Decatur Daily about her investment and where the funds came from?  We believe that she is now up to about six different spins on that lie.

Do you believe that it was OK for the sheriff to lie about attending an SRO class to get out of her responsibilities in the South Alabama wreck?  Franklin has told several different stories on that incident as well.

Do you believe that it is OK for the sheriff to have informants go into or on the property of citizens and cause problems so that they have an excuse to enter citizen’s houses without a warrant?

Do you believe that it is OK for the sheriff to send informants into people’s offices and homes to install Keylogger software on their computers and to still documents so that she can get a legal warrant to search?

Do you believe it is OK for Franklin to lie to a judge to get her way?

Do you believe that all the Do you believe questions we’ve asked is the first-time Franklin has pulled something that stinks to high heaven?

Do you believe the elected officials, business owners, county employees, and citizens are in the dark and have no clue what the sheriff stands for?

These are just a few of the questions some of her coven may want to ask themselves.  Then ask yourself if this is the type person you want to surround yourself with?

If you are a believe in the good sheriffs transparency you make want to get your head out of the sand.


  1. What I cannot believe is that no accountability esist to follow up on all the taxpayers money. All sources of money. All items taken in impounded cars etc. Where are they where did they go? Why is this continuing commissioners should get involved

  2. I believe, you couldn't possibly believe all that.

    1. It has been proven

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