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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Embarrassing Times

In Ana's campaign, she promised not to use inmate food funds.  She said she would be at work and run the sheriff’s office from the sheriff’s office.   She also said she would be the most transparent Sheriff ever.  All embarrassing lies.

Ana is who knows where using Sheriff's Office funds.  The jail is seriously understaffed and yet the new portion has been opened prior to completion stretching already thin resources even more.  The inmates still are not getting the proper food, care, and treatment.  

Now Ana sits in possible contempt of court and still refuses to comply with the consent decree that she knew full well before taking office she could not touch inmate food funds.   The pay for the Deputies is among the lowest in the nation.  Yet Franklin steals from the Sheriff’s Office and allows her chosen few to do the same.  The submission for overtime by her chosen ones adds up, especially when it's hours they did not work! Where is the money they reported seized since Franklin took office?  The Sheriff and her cronies are not leaders and not even close to being within the thin blue line.  The inmates she was elected to oversee and take care of, the employees of the Sheriff’s Office, and the citizens of this county are by no means getting the justice they deserve.

 The ability of the employees of the sheriff’s office to protect and serve as sworn is seriously jeopardized on many levels resulting in a seriously lacking atmosphere for the safety and security of all involved.

All this while she tries to hide behind the title she holds and finds reasons to justify defying the federal government and using taxpayer money to invest into a Ponzi scheme.  She refuses to allow access to the sheriff office funds knowing that her lies will be exposed where she has misled everyone.  Just like she had Barney Lovelace do in federal court before.  All her illegal actions are catching up with her and those who chose to do her bidding.  She has lied and mislead and lied to the elected officials and the citizens of Morgan County.  She has misled, lied, and manipulated us.  We voted for her and we believed in her.   She has dishonestly held the title of sheriff while performing crimes she has put others in jail for.  

If you look back at all the different lies being told in her various court proceedings, media interviews, articles in the press, and federal court in Birmingham and the Bankruptcy court you can see for yourself what a mess we have gotten ourselves into?  We know many of our readers do not follow corruption the way we do.  Many are not in the courts or following what is going on as we are doing.  Many do not have the time or means to do the research we do.  From the information that is already out there it should be clear that Ana is not being honest, open, and transparent.
The upcoming case where Ana ran over the Halls in South Alabama, is yet another case where Ana has and will continue to lie to attempt to hide behind the title she repeatedly abuses through her fraud, waste, and abuse.  She has proven that she will lie, cheat, and steal to get her way.  Ana has bragged that she will get out of the Hall lawsuit.  We believe it.  When you surround yourself with people who will lie and perjur themselves for you that says a lot.  It says we need to drain the swamp of Ana and her followers who can raise their hand before God and lie.

We do not expect anyone to simply believe what we say.  Come see for yourself that what we have been saying is true.  Ana can spin and lie well.  That is quickly coming to an end.  So, as we have said before Ana and those she has brought in as well as those she corrupted to do her dirty work will soon no longer have control over the embarrassment that is currently the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.  

Who wants to buy a rodeo ticket or donate money to Ana and her rodeo knowing that you have people like Larry Berzett and Ana Franklin overseeing the proceeds?  How much cash will make it to the bank?  Franklin has a couple of hearings coming up in March, that's where the real show will be. Will those so closely involved with helping her in her crimes show up to court?  Barney Lovelace, Steven Ziaja, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Larry Berzett, Ron Livingston and others involved in the corruption and ethics violations, will you be there?  Or are you to embarrassed to show up? Will Blake Robinson’s battle cry for war with the FBI stand true?  

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