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Friday, March 10, 2017

Contengency Rodeo Plans

  With the grand ole pocket padding rodeo plans in full swing and the signs going up all over the county, we wonder what contingency plans are in place.

 The show cause hearing in federal court will be just a very short time before the rodeo.  Will the wannabe rodeo queen who holds the title of sheriff be in town or in federal custody?

  Wonder if all those meals given away at the rodeo events are from inmate food funds also?  It is the same food supplier that supplies the food right?  If that's the case is it the same funds normally used to pay the supplier that is used to feed the inmates? Who are the ones getting kickbacks from these purchases by the Sheriff's Office?  Did Ana not run saying the Sheriff's Office would be the most transparent and inmate food funds would not be used except to feed inmates?

  All the donations and sponsors are pouring in giving all that money to assist the Sheriffs Office rodeo.  It's always been a good sales pitch and money making scheme. Unfortunately, how much of that money ever made it past the pockets of a few greedy people?  Did any of it really go toward the enforcement of law or protection efforts for our citizens in this county? How much of it went to the horses, feed, horse trailers, rodeo queen clothes, boots, jackets, belt buckles, countrywide travel and lodging for the sheriff and her chosen few?

  These were all a few of the excuses used when Ana would not be at work for months but quick to jump in front of a camera whenever the opportunity would arise no matter where it was in this country. Ana's travels all over the US benefits our citizens from being victimized how?

  The long extended stays in South Alabama with Charlie, the Mobile County 911 director proved interesting for Ana.  Did Luther Strange introduce Ana to Charlie? Wonder if the claims Ana has openly made that she will never go to jail in this state still ring true in her mind and what Big Luther had to do with all of that?

  The Ponzi scheme that is Title Marts, illegal search and seizure, conspiracy, blatant violations of the consent decree and use of and installation of wiretapping devices, keylogger devices, inadequate care of and mistreatment of inmates with mental disabilities or not, tax evasion issues, and deliberate misleading the courts in civil cases and the bankruptcy of the business that was the center of the Ponzi scheme, deliberate destruction of evidence, are these all reasons that Ana may have to arrange contingency plans in case of her absence during the rodeo?        

  There are some still with their head in the sand and even those who will go all out to defend Ana and her thugs.  Some have to because they realize their jobs and freedom are over when Ana is removed from office.  It is very sad to see the state of politics in Alabama with all the controversy and corruption from the Governor to Luther Strange and to our Sheriff and her thugs right here in Morgan County.  There are many who still side with Ana, many who have their heads in the sand and don't want to accept the truth.  Standing for what is right and the truth is all too often something that society finds a reason to condemn those of us who do so.  Personal feelings often supersede the truth and reality of what is occurring right in front of us.

  March 23, 2017, in the federal courthouse in Decatur, Alabama will be a day in which the truth will begin to be seen and the start of the next chapter of a painful process for our county.  Will this be the first time in history a sitting female sheriff will be held in contempt and put in jail in the United States?  Will this rodeo be a celebration for her as she celebrates her freedom a little longer from being held accountable for her actions?

  Will this be the last rodeo for Ana Franklin, Barney Lovelace, Bones Wilson, Robinson, Berzet, Livingston and more?   Will the famous battle cry by Blake Robinson with Ana, Barney, and Bones for war with the FBI be repeated?  

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  1. Well, Ana made it to the rodeo and gave alll the tickets away to fill the stands. Did not pocket the money this time. So, you were wrong she is still here and she did not make any money on the rodeo this time.