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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blog Readers

We greatly appreciate the readers keeping the comments on the morgancountywhistleblower blog clean.    

We have let the public know that in our opinion the sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama is corrupt.  Our voices have been heard and a hearing is set to determine if inmate food funds have been misappropriated.

It’s now the Federal Court’s job to determine any wrongdoing on Sheriff Ana Franklin’s part.  Sheriff Ana Franklin is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  The court is the adjudicator of this case and not the voice of public opinion. 

We have the right to free speech. However, no matter how strongly we feel about the information we collected on a host of complaints, it is time to let the judicial system determine the outcome of the current issue.

We are satisfied with our work so far but I deeply regret any hardship that has been placed on our community.  We did what we felt was right for the inmates of the Morgan County Jail, the sheriff’s office employees, and our community.


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