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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bail Money

  So when arrest are finally made where will the bond money come from?  Will the bond money come from what Ana claims to be her personal private funds from an account / accounts she opened in Cullman that has what was once Morgan County inmate food funds?  Why is Morgan County money in a bank in Cullman? When those who participated in all Ana's illegal ventures are arrested will Ana also make this money available to them for bond?  Where did the money to bail out Ana's cousin and business partner Greg Steenson come from?  If the business is a "legitimate business" as Ana claims why then did Greg Steenson get arrested for his involvement and why is Ana using inmate food money to invest in the same business?  Will the victims ever see any restitution?  With everything coming to light as it is no wonder the bankruptcy case is being pushed off.  With the upcoming case in Baldwin County will Ana use these so called personal private funds to try to wiggle out of her liability there also?  It's a shame that all this money like that being raised through pistol permits is paying for one of the co-conspirators Barney Lovelace. How much of the upcoming rodeo proceeds will go toward the legal defense of Ana and her thugs? We know none of it will go to the mission of protecting the citizens of this county.  When will the county be able to stop paying the bill for these criminal actions?  Will tax payer money and pistol permit money be used for bail as it is for criminal and civil defense?  Of those who will be arrested who will be able to access these funds for bail money?  So many questions and the answers will come, they are just a matter of time.    

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