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Friday, February 3, 2017

Speaking of Happy

The inmates at the Morgan County Jail are singing the praises of the Southern Center for Human Rights. (404) 688-1202 The inmates are eating good in the neighborhood.  We are told that the sheriff is even bringing in snacks and Kool-Aid.  No watered down powdered milk.

It is regrettable that the sheriff will have to cut back on her excessive spending until she can fatten the inmates up or get rid of the Southern Center for Human Rights. Ana. we do not believe you will live these actions down.

There is something seriously wrong with people who mistreat or take advantage of the disabled, infirm, people regardless of what language they speak, and people who are caged.  As we said before the punishment is being in jail.  It's not being forced to buy their very high dollar food from the jail store. It's not being given inadequate health care. It's not to be at the mercy of an understaffed and undertrained jail staff because of the highest turnover rate is known of.  It is also not to be at the mercy of inexperience and greed of the Sheriff and those she brought in with her.  

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