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Friday, February 10, 2017

Sheriff Franklin Is It True That You Used Inmates and Maintenance Personnel to Collect Evidence At a Drug Raid?

The below blog was previously blogged in 2015.  We have seen no change in procedure since 2015. That is not surprising since the sheriff's conduct hasn't changed in the six years she has been sheriff.

 I was told of an incident in the city of Decatur where an elaborate cannabis operation was raided by Sheriff Franklin and the Morgan County Drug Task Force.  The person who told me about this incident said that he and Morgan County Sheriff maintenance personnel, along with Morgan County inmates were tasked by Sheriff Ana Franklin to meet the drug task force and the sheriff at the location of the raid to assist in collecting evidence.  The person told me once they arrive at the residence of the drug raid they found an elaborate setup for growing and producing cannabis. The person also told me that the inmates were directed by Sheriff Franklin to collect evidence and bring the evidence to her. The contact told me that Richard Hamm and Chaffin went into the residence with inmates from the Morgan County Jail to collect evidence while Sheriff Franklin remained in the yard with the evidence log and recorded the evidence.

The contact said that he, maintenance, and inmates gathered lights, equipment, cannabis, and other items used in the setup.  I also understand that an air conditioning unit was connected directly to the power pole.

I have heard story after story such as this one.  I have had both current and previous corrections officers tell me they participate in drug raids.  My question is why would a county sheriff use non-APOST certified resources to collect evidence?  Why would a county sheriff use inmates to collect evidence?

Who is minding the sheriff's office?  It sounds like there is no true leadership, education, or training of correct procedure and protocol for the use of inmates, maintenance personnel, corrections officers, and the staff as a whole.

You can't make this stuff up.  If there is an investigation into the things that we write about on the blog we will be able to produce the people that told us these things.

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