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Monday, February 27, 2017

Our Response to Anonymous on our blog post Help Wanted

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Help Wanted": 

Yearly awards were given out the other night. How can Lieutenant Danny Mcdaniels get the Lieutenant of the year for courts, transports and jail when he is never in the jail to oversee anything. The staff is falling apart and no one of any rank is down in the jail trying to straighten things out. He let's the courthouse run short and some even without weapons because they could not qualify with them. But he still carries his weapon around like he qualified with it. But we all know he was not qualified in years. He sure don't mind carryin that weapon for his own ego even though he is putting jailers and deputies in danger caring it. Does he have enough self respect to go shoot like everyone else and get a score of 80. Lieutenant Mcdaniels can't even make a decision on his own with out getting Larry Berzett on the phone. Now Larry how is that attitude ( if you don't like it here you can go somewhere else). You can't even keep the jail staffed like it needs to be. Seems like you both fall into the same catagory as Ron Livingston. Just looking out for yourselfs. I would still bet none of the command staff has qualified with those weapons. You all need your APOST revoked. Maybe someone should let Apost know they are not to the standard. Don't even try as and compare yourself to the deputies that make the standards. 

Blogger Comments:

We haven't heard anything regarding Danny McDaniel in some time.  I believe he lost his pilots licenses after he suffered a medical condition.  That did not stop McDaniels and Steven Ziaja from flying the Sheriff's Office Helicopter and setting down on the Falkville baseball field a year or so ago.  We can't help but wonder what other flights McDaniel has taken for Sheriff Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja.

There is no leadership in the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  There is no leadership in the jail with Larry Berzett making the decisions and there is no reason to even bring Franklin's name up in the mix of the misfits pretending to be in a leadership position in the MCSO.  Bili is the only one that seems to have any common sense.  

The so called leaders in the sheriff's office has no choice but to kiss up to the boss Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett.  Wonder who will suck up to the "MCSO leaders" when all is said and done. 


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