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Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh! The Memories

Barbra Streisand - HD STEREO - Memory - CC for lyrics

 Party Party Party
 Cowgirl Queen
 Fun and games
 Cowgirl Queen of the Sheriffs
 Cowgirl Queen on Parade
 Cowgirl Queen and sidekick Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett
 The Posse Team on Sheriff's Time in Biloxi
 Queen Ana
 Franklin/Berzett with Jamie Cooper in the Morning
 Cowboy Queen Franklin.  Hey! Didn't the sheriffs office pay for that horse and gear?
Franklin playing with the inmate food funds.
 Boyfriend Charley
 Dedicated to the inmate food funds/Ana Franklin/Steven Ziaja/John Vinegoni/Alyssa Franklin/
Greg Steenson

 Ana's ex Steven Ziaja
 Ron Livingston - Accumulated thousands of dollars in overtime he did not work
 Cousin Greg Steenson a felon supported by Franklin and Ziaja
 Chief Corley parked at the diner in Eva.  Another day of hard work for the chief
 Timothy Alan Hall convicted of manslaughter.  Jailed in Morgan County, sometimes. Cousin to Derek Sheats, son in law to Franklin, on work release since since his conviction in Limestone County.
 Franklin's first horse trailer paid for in cash.  Thank You Morgan County Sheriffs Office
 Franklin's second horse trailer.  Thank you Morgan County, Morgan County citizens, and the State of Alabama.
 Thank You Morgan County inmates for understanding that the Sheriff comes first
 All in the family with Greg Steenson, Ana Franklin, boyfriend at the time Steven Ziaja, 
and Alyssa Franklin for scamming an honest man Harold Jeffreys
Sometimes Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett
 Governor Bentley a true friend to Franklin

Big Bad Luther
 Franklin, Ziaja, and Stover
 Ana and Bobby Shuttleworth
 Fun, Fast, and Friendly 
 Steven Ziaja investor in Title Mart, ex-boyfriend of Franklin, and now penniless.  Pay attention Charlie......
 Larry Berzett big man in town.  Blamed all of his mistakes he made on the new jail on Warden Bradley.  What a guy!  
 Back in babies arms.   Nope.  Dream! Dream! Dream! When I want you, all I have to do is dream.
 Franklin acting serious
 Steven up to his butt impressing the sheriff
 Top Cop wasting tax payer dollars
 Hey! Who bought this horse and gear?

 On a moon light night!  Money! Money! Money!

 Who's the boss?
 Here we go again

 Sweet Baby!  Charlie Mcnichol  Watch the wallet Charlie!

Steven Ziaja looking down on Ana from above.


  1. I would like to know more about if the higher staff like if Chief Corley, the Sheriff, Larry Berzett,Ron Livingston,Danny Mcdaniels ever qualified with those weapons they are carrying. Heard the rounds Friday at the range, but not one of those high dollar vehicles was at the range. Acording to APOST none of these higher ups have qualified with the weapons that they carry in at least 2 years. The State requires that this is done every year. Wonder what APOST will do about this? This is a serious liability issue that they are putting the county and the taxpayers in. Come on command staff do you Re ally think your better than the deputies and the jailers that have qualified with the weapons that they carry?.

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