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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Morgan County Women's Social Gala We believe the Event Theme Was Women in the Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties was the birth of a new woman. She defied society’s standards of what its women were supposed to do, say, wear, act like and be. She gained political power by gaining the right to vote. She broke out of her domestic shell. She wore shorter skirts, more dramatic makeup, and cut her hair. She flaunted her sexuality. She drank, smoked, and danced in clubs. She was a flapper.

Sheriff Ana Franklin is second from left front row and appears to be having a wonder time.  Alcohol is flowing and according to some of our sources Franklin and new beau Charlie Mcnichol did partake in a lot of fire water throughout the event.  Wonder who drove them home after the event?  We have come a long way baby.  The Twenties for women was a wonderful time for women to express themselves, fight for equality and the right to vote.  We pushed forward with the fight for women's rights.  We made it.  Now that we are here and we have won the right to become CEO's, leaders and professionals. We can afford to let our hair down and celebrate the days of old.  We also must maintain a standard based on our specific positions.

This photo was taken last night!  A Girlfriends Gala......  Wonder if the costumes worn by Franklin and friends were paid for out of inmate food funds?   

Infamous Ana Franklin escorted by new beau Charlie Mcnichol, Mobile 911 Director, Beth Zivat, and Katrina Smith enjoyed the gala event along with Dee Goodwin and the Sheriff's Office Chief Financial Officer Pam Berzett. Pam Berzett is over the Inmate Food Funds along with Sheriff Ana Franklin. Franklin accomplished being elected as the First Female Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.  Franklin promised transparency for the sheriff's office and claimed she would never use the inmate food funds for anything other than to feed the inmates.  It was a disgrace to all the women in positions of power who live in Morgan County to see the pictures of Franklin at this event, to see her guzzling down liquor, and partying with her friends at this event.  After she has starved the inmates for years and used the sheriffs office funds as if they were from her personal bank account.  

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  1. Which charity did this event raise money for? Any idea how much was raised?