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Friday, February 10, 2017

More misuse of funds?

With all the turmoil at the Sheriffs Office going on, Ana and others won't be able to hide much longer.  The heat is higher than it has ever been for the Sheriff.  So much so that she spent several hours in Billable Barney's office yesterday.

No telling what the two of them are up to now.

 Ana has certainly had an unfair advantage over most of us by far.  She is able to use her undeserved title and funds from the Sheriff's Office to pay an attorney (who is likely in almost as much trouble as Ana) to defend her civilly and criminally as they try to spin their way out of the disaster they are in. How is it fair, just, or right that the Sheriff continues to use funds raised for the Sheriff's Office in this manner?  Wonder if Berzett, Livingston, Bones, Robinson. and other poor saps who ridiculously continue to follow her, are afforded the same misuse of Sheriff Office funds for legal defense?  So very sad.  Almost her whole department and an ever-increasing number of people realize more every day that she and others mentioned are criminals, hiding behind badges they do not deserve.

 To all the honorable and courageous employees still there at the Sheriffs Office, hang on. This thing is just getting started heating up and the inevitable conclusion is getting ever closer.

All this and Ana has jailers or dispatchers running around in county vehicles on the clock, not doing their duties but trying to shake down businesses for money.  This for a rodeo that may not even happen this year.

And at the same time, Barney is with Ana, waiting for the next shoe to drop.

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